Do you know what Diastema is and how to treat it?

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The good news is that there are several treatments for diastema, making the teeth recover their aesthetic and functional characteristics.
If you want to know more about what diastema is and how to treat this problem, read the topics below!

What is diastema?

We call diastema any space that is located between two teeth of a person, regardless of the cause of distancing.
It is quite common for most children, especially those between the ages of 10 and 11, to have gapped teeth. However, if the problem persists into adulthood, it must be treated.

One of the main complaints of people with diastema is the aesthetic function. Generally, patients do not feel well with spaced teeth and this causes serious self-esteem problems, and may even trigger depression and anxiety.

However, if the space between the teeth is not closed, other problems may arise. Oral diseases such as caries and periodontitis are more common in people with diastema, as it is difficult to remove bacterial plaque that forms in the open space.

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What are the causes of diastema?

There are several reasons that can cause tooth spacing. Below, we will explain the main ones. Look!

Teeth that didn't come through

Teeth that are not born, the so-called erupted, can lead to the formation of space between dental pieces.

The only exception is the wisdom tooth, which can take longer to erupt. All others must grow when the child exchanges milk teeth for permanent ones.

Disproportion between tooth sizes

Some people have disproportionate teeth sizes, i.e. some bigger and others smaller.

When this happens, tooth spacing can form, given that there is no regularity between sizes.

thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is a common habit among children, but it should be discouraged by parents from an early age. This is because thumb sucking can bring about significant facial bone changes in the dental arch.

When a child sucks his thumb too often, he may have difficulties with phonation and breathing. This causes eye problems, causing spaces between teeth to be larger than necessary.


When a person has periodontitis and does not properly treat the infection, teeth may move in the dental arch.

In this way, some teeth can move through the gum and form gaps.

tooth loss

When someone needs to extract a tooth, due to cavities or fractures, for example, and does not have an implant in place, spaces may open up.

This is because the organism tends to naturally close the space of the removed tooth, causing the others to “spread” through the gum. In this way, diastema occurs.

lip brake

The labial frenulum is a muscular insertion that sits between the teeth, especially the upper central incisors.

In some people, the frenulum is very large, preventing the full development of teeth in the region. Thus, the spacings are larger than what is considered normal.


Another cause of diastema is the appearance of tumors, which can be malignant or benign.

Although this cause is rarer, the dentist should carry out an investigation if other possibilities have been ruled out.

How to treat spacing between teeth?

Treatments for diastema are very varied and can be chosen according to the cause of the problem or conditions of each person.

The dentist must present the most viable options for each situation and the patient must choose the one he deems most interesting.

See, later, some of the main ways to treat spacing between teeth.

resin restorations

For those who have a disproportion between the sizes of their teeth, restoration with resin is one of the most recommended treatments.

In that case, the dentist "increases" the size of the teeth, adding layers of resin to the dental piece. Thus, the diastema is corrected.

Dental contact lens application

Just like the previous technique, dental contact lenses are placed over the teeth, closing the small spaces.

This treatment is mainly indicated for those who want to close the gaps more for aesthetic reasons than functional ones.

Use of orthodontic appliance

For cases where the spacing between teeth is greater, the use of orthodontic braces is almost always the most appropriate.

This type of treatment has the disadvantage of taking a long time and the cost of monthly maintenance of the device. However, it is the most efficient measure to correct the diastema in most cases.

Surgery on the labial frenulum

When the diastema is the result of a very large labial frenulum, the patient may have surgery to remove the muscular insertion between the teeth.

After the surgery recovery period, the patient will be able to use the orthodontic appliance to close the gap and restore the smile.

How to choose the best treatment?

The choice of the best treatment for diastema, as we have commented, must be made jointly between the dentist and the patient.

To reach a conclusion, the dental surgeon needs to request clinical and radiographic examinations from the patient. This is important to discover the cause of the spacing and propose the appropriate treatment.

With the diagnosis in hand, the dentist and patient can discuss treatment options, considering issues such as duration and financial costs.

Diastema is a very common problem, but with efficient treatments for correction. So if you have this condition, be sure to seek help and see a good dentist.

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Do you know what Diastema is and how to treat it?

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