Invisible Aligner

The invisible aligner makes it possible to correct tooth positioning in a practical, effective and discreet way, without leaving your smile metallic during treatment. It is a revolutionary aligner device, with excellent cost-benefit.

Are you interested in investing in your smile, aligning teeth and, consequently, correcting your bite? So, you need to know about the invisible aligner device!

We work with this alternative here at OdontoLiuzzi, specifically with Invisalign, which is a reference in orthodontic treatments. Discover details about the aligner, how the procedure works and take the opportunity to schedule your evaluation!

What is invisible aligner?

This is the invisible orthodontic aligner, which is a device that aims to correct the positioning of the teeth, ensuring ideal alignment.

One of its great highlights is the fact that it is invisible, without brackets that leave a metallic smile as happens in the classic version of dental braces. Therefore, it is the perfect option for discreetly correcting teeth.

But that's not all: in addition to the aesthetic aspect, the device provides good results in the short term and has other special advantages, such as the practicality of the treatment.

There are invisible orthodontic braces from different brands, but Invisalign is one of the best known and there are reasons for that! It is revolutionary in the sector, synonymous with quality and has excellent performance in smile correction.

How does treatment with invisible braces work?

But, after all, how does treatment with an invisible orthodontic device work? It does not have metal wires, much less brackets like traditional braces.

Invisible dental braces are a set of trays that are transparent, removable and custom-made for the patient, considering their profile and needs.

These trays are created from digital mapping of the dental arch, a process carried out by the orthodontist. The professional then plans the treatment steps, considering the various trays that the patient will need to use.

The patient receives the set of trays and uses them for the time indicated by the orthodontist. Perform the exchange at home, without having to go to the office frequently. Much more practical, right?

During treatment, the patient makes a few returns to the office, just to monitor the results, make any adjustments and to pick up more aligners. Once the process is complete, there are also consultations to monitor the results.

What are the advantages of invisible aligners?

Invisible dental braces have special advantages, especially in relation to traditional aligners. Below, you will discover the main ones and understand why transparent braces are the best alternative:

Discretion and pleasant aesthetics

As it is a transparent device, it goes practically unnoticed, being very discreet, with a pleasant aesthetic. Therefore, it is the best alternative for those who want to straighten their teeth without using an orthodontic device that appears a lot when they smile.

Possibility of removal

The transparent orthodontic appliance is not fixed, but removable. This is an important detail, because it does not limit the patient's diet. You can consume any food, just take off the device.

Furthermore, the possibility of removal contributes to adequate teeth cleaning, in order to avoid oral health problems. Therefore, it is a much more comfortable and practical alternative.

Fewer follow-up appointments

The periodicity of returning to the office is shorter than when using traditional orthodontic appliances. Therefore, the invisible version of the device is an alternative for those who want greater comfort during treatment.

Shorter-term alignment

Compared to classic orthodontic braces, invisible braces have the advantage of delivering good alignment results in a shorter period of time, especially if you faithfully follow the dentist's instructions.

How long does treatment with invisible braces last?

It depends on the patient's case and the use of the device. To achieve a good result in the short term, it is recommended that you wear the aligners between 20 and 22 hours a day.

The orthodontist informs the patient of an estimated duration of treatment. Generally, this period is 12 to 18 months, but your case may require less time. Consult an orthodontist for a precise deadline, based on your profile.

Invisible aligner price

The price of transparent dental braces varies between patients, mainly due to the complexity of the case. Therefore, it is only possible to know the value of the treatment after an evaluation with an orthodontist. Take the opportunity to schedule yours and find out details about your treatment, in addition to the total cost!

Invisible aligner in Rio de Janeiro

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