Dentist fear?

Are you afraid of the dentist? This is more common than many think and this phobia tends to appear after living or witnessing a traumatic dental experience.

The big problem with this is that fear ends up keeping the patient away from dental appointments and treatments, compromising their oral health and body health as a whole, as both are interconnected.

Are you going through this? No need to be discouraged!

Yes, you can have a good experience at dentists, the secret to this is to choose a practice that provides care based on humanized dentistry.

OdontoLiuzzi is a RJ dental clinic humanized and specialized in traumatized patients, helping them overcome their phobia of dentists. Find out details about our service and take the opportunity to schedule your appointment!

What is odontophobia?

The so-called odontophobia is a term that defines an individual who is afraid of the dentist, which can lead to mild anxiety, feelings of panic, dizziness and fainting. 

This problem leads the patient to not take proper care of their oral health. This leads to cavities, bacterial plaque, gingivitis, periodontitis, dental malocclusion, problems with dental aesthetics and embarrassment in smiling, compromising the patient's self-esteem.

Seeking to serve this audience, OdontoLiuzzi specializes in humanized dentistry and provides differentiated care to patients, transforming their experience with the dentist 

Humanized dentistry: discover what it is

humanized dentistry It is an approach that focuses on humanized patient care by dentists. This attention is focused on well-being, safety, trust and comfort, aiming to bring dentist and patient closer together.

To guarantee humanized care, we don’t just think about the dentist and patient relationship. All contacts with the dental clinic are also considered, from scheduling, through reception to the consultation itself.

The structure of the office is different, designed to create a pleasant environment, which helps to reduce patient anxiety. The service is empathetic, with the dentist and his team seeking to know and understand the patient's pain, as well as presenting solutions for them.

At OdontoLiuzzi you will find care based on humanized dentistry, which is ideal for those who are afraid of the dentist. Schedule an evaluation and have a unique experience with our team, with all the support you need!

Find out what our differences are

Our service is based on humanized dentistry. By following this concept, we guarantee important differences that help transform the experience of patients who are afraid of the dentist. See below what they are:

Humanized service

Approach that places the patient at the center of care, creating a closer relationship with the dentist. This type of care allows you to get to know the patient better, because there is openness to dialogue, and the professional acts in an empathetic manner.

Our initial consultations are focused on getting to know the patient and building a relationship of trust. This way, it is possible to provide greater safety to the patient, especially for those who are afraid of the dentist.

Personalization of treatment

To provide a differentiated experience and the best result for the patient, we personalize dental treatment. Thus, we respect the individuality of the patient and avoid standardizing care and results. 

We understand that each person is unique and we respect this during all stages of care and treatment, delivering the best results to patients.

Modern, complete structure designed for well-being

We have a modern structure, with clean and safe facilities, as well as current equipment and technologies to transform the patient experience, focusing on well-being.

Our clinic has a massage chair, aromatherapy, TV with relaxation videos, among other details that help reduce anxiety during consultation and treatment.

Painless anesthesia and different types of sedation

Aiming to provide the best patient experience, we offer pain-free anesthesia and intravenous and conscious sedation. The focus is to ensure the patient has a more comfortable experience, minimizing anxiety symptoms.

Highly qualified team

If you are looking for a dentist for someone with a phobia, OdontoLiuzzi is the perfect clinic, with a highly qualified and experienced team, who provide services that follow a humanized dentistry approach.

own laboratory

We have our own prosthetic laboratory and make high-quality prosthetics, using excellent materials. We also create interocclusal splints with 3D technology and prosthetics that can be placed on the same day, depending on the case. All this to speed up treatment, ensuring greater comfort for the patient.

Intravenous sedation

OdontoLiuzzi offers intravenous sedation, which causes the patient to remain in a state of deep drowsiness throughout the entire treatment.

In addition to making the procedure faster, it also makes it possible to perform several different treatments at the same time. At the same time, it offers a post-operative period without swelling and practically painless in surgical cases. 

Intravenous sedation is completely safe and is carried out by an anesthetist who monitors the patient's functions throughout the treatment. Upon completion of all procedures, the doctor stops sedation and the patient wakes up instantly without any difficulty in moving around. 

Day at the Dentist (SPA Dental)

Another service offered by OdontoLiuzzi is the Day at the Intensive Care Dentist, that is, the Dental SPA. We carry out as many treatments as possible on the same day. 

Day at the Dentist is one of the most comfortable and efficient ways to take care of the oral health of patients with odontophobia, as they spend less time in the office, while still taking care of their oral health and smile. 

We have a digital device for scanning the mouth and creating ceramic restorations that are completed in 25 minutes. This way, we make treatment possible in the short term, transforming the patient’s experience.

How to overcome your fear of the dentist

In addition to looking for professionals who follow the humanized dentistry approach, you can adopt some extra tips to overcome your fear of the dentist. 

One of them is to seek to establish a relationship of trust with the professional, without being afraid to ask questions, report complaints and fears. The more transparent the relationship, the better.

Is your fear of the dentist very intense? So, seeking help from a professional may be the solution or integrative therapies that a specialized dentist can recommend.

Dentist for those who are afraid in RJ

OdontoLiuzzi has a complete structure and humanized professionals to serve you in RJ. We carry out a variety of treatments, from endodontic to aesthetic dentistry, always focusing on the patient's well-being. 

Schedule your appointment and count on specialized professionals to assist you, helping you overcome your fear of the dentist!

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