Frequently Asked Questions

Am I obliged to do all the treatments recommended by my dentist?

No, the professional evaluates each patient to improve oral health, he presents information and options and it is up to the patient to decide if he wants to continue the treatment.

Are the techniques used in cosmetic dentistry only for aesthetic purposes?

No. In addition to making the smile more harmonious, these techniques help clean the teeth and align the bite, preventing wear and tear.

What is the best toothbrush and how often should I change them?

It is best to use a brush with soft bristles so as not to wear out the tooth enamel and the time may vary, but normally dentists advise changing brushes every 90 days or when they lose their original shape.

Why do teeth darken?

This problem can occur for several reasons, such as the continuous consumption of foods with dyes such as teas, coffee, soft drinks, as well as other factors such as smoking, use of certain medications and problems with the pigmentation of the teeth themselves.

Are there any contraindications for teeth whitening?

There are no immediate contraindications, whitening is indicated in almost all cases. But it is necessary to go through an expert to make an evaluation before starting the procedure because some materials can cause allergies and sensitivities.

How does fluoride work?

It helps saliva protect teeth from bacteria in the mouth that form plaque. He is the best weapon against cavity and still contributes to strengthening teeth.

What can cause tooth sensitivity?

Several factors may contribute to this phenomenon, among the most common of which are dentin exposure, incorrect toothbrushing, tooth enamel wear, aesthetic procedures such as laser whitening, diseases such as bruxism.

What are dental implants?

These are titanium screws installed to help place various types of prostheses. They replace the roots of teeth when a loss occurs or when it is not possible to take advantage of them.

At OdontoLiuzzi, is there a charge for the first evaluation appointment?

Yes, the first evaluation consultation is as important as the others, as it is where the professional decides what to do and what is the best treatment for each case.

Do you accept covenants?

No, but we issue receipts that allow members to request reimbursement for treatments carried out.

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