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Dental protocol prosthesis treatment is the ideal solution for replacing lost natural teeth, promoting complete oral rehabilitation for the patient.

At OdontoLiuzzi, you undergo this dental treatment with specialists, guaranteeing a personalized, quality result and an excellent prosthesis.

Do you want to count on these differences? So, find out details about OdontoLiuzzi's dental protocol, and take the opportunity to schedule an evaluation with us!

What are dental protocols?

A dental protocol is a way to return the function of chewing, smiling and speaking to the patient. We are specifically referring here to people who no longer have teeth in their entire dental arch and wear the much-feared dentures that cover the roof of the mouth.

It is a prosthesis, which is also called a protocol prosthesis or protocol prosthesis on implant. It is a modern and safe technique performed by dentists and implantologists in the dental office.

Using this technique, it is possible to replace the teeth that the patient has lost. First, dental implants are placed through safe surgery. Then, a fixed prosthesis is installed on these implants.

With this technique, the implant dentist is able to rehabilitate the teeth and smile quickly and comfortably, in addition to restoring the patient's quality of life and self-esteem.

Types of dental protocol

Basically, there are two types of protocol-type prosthesis that can be performed after insertion of the implants. These are the resin protocol prosthesis and the ceramic protocol prosthesis.

Both deliver the same result, guaranteeing tooth replacement and a functionally and aesthetically perfect smile. However, these prostheses have important differences between them.

The resin protocol dental prosthesis, for example, has a more affordable price. However, it is not as resistant and is more easily damaged, having a shorter durability.

Furthermore, the resin is characterized by being a material susceptible to changes, such as darkening and loss of shine, which happens over time.

Ceramic prostheses are resistant, not easily damaged and last longer. Other advantages are that they do not present variations in color and brightness, remaining stable and with the same appearance. However, the price of ceramic prostheses is higher.

Are you looking for the best dental protocol solution for you? Without a doubt, ceramic prosthetics will satisfy you in every way. However, it is worth noting that both have advantages and disadvantages. We will help you make the best choice, considering your needs, cost-benefit and budget!

10 advantages of the dental protocol

Oral rehabilitation treatment with a dental protocol prosthesis offers advantages for the patient, especially in comparison to conventional dentures. By opting for a fixed prosthesis, you can guarantee:

  1. Greater practicality in mouth hygiene. It will no longer be necessary to remove the prosthesis to clean it after meals;

  2.  Improves the taste of food, including everyday meals. The patient can once again feel the texture and taste of the food, as the prosthesis does not involve the roof of the mouth like conventional dentures;

  3. Recovery of masticatory function, with the ability to grind food correctly, positively impacting the first stage of digestion, which begins in the mouth;

  4.  There are no contraindications, nor risks, but to do this you need to carefully choose an implant dentist who is qualified and careful to follow all the steps that the treatment requires;

  5. Zero dietary restrictions, being able to eat all types of food without fear;

  6. Stability of the prosthesis, which does not move. This way, the patient can smile freely again without having to use fixators;

  7.  Ease of adaptation to the protocol prosthesis, without injuries to the gums or cheeks;

  8.  Improvement of physiognomy, with return of height lost due to the absence of teeth;

  9. Resumption of self-esteem, due to the aesthetic improvement of the smile and facial appearance;

  10. Long-lasting results, which make the investment pay off in the long term.

Dental protocol: what are the contraindications to treatment?

There are some important contraindications to placing the prosthesis and one of them is not having good oral health. When this occurs, it is recommended that the patient treat any pre-existing conditions and then begin treatment with a protocol prosthesis.

Another contraindication is the existence of some disease that can increase the risk of the patient having complications after dental implant placement.

If this is the case, it is recommended that you keep the condition under control and talk to your doctor and dentist to check the feasibility of undergoing treatment.

Last but not least is the contraindication for patients who have dental bone loss. However, this problem is reversible, just perform the bone graft as the first stage of treatment, making it possible to place the dental implant protocol.


Does protocol prosthesis need maintenance?

Many patients believe that simply placing the prosthesis and that's it, there is no need to return to the dentist's office. However, this is not true! The prosthesis does need maintenance, a process that must be carried out every six months.

Maintenance is important because it contributes to the preservation of the prosthesis, keeping it in good condition for much longer. Furthermore, it enables adequate cleaning, which helps to avoid complications, without compromising your oral health. Therefore, be sure to have regular dental appointments!

Prosthetic dental protocol in Rio de Janeiro

Are you looking for a dentist in Rio de Janeiro to do the protocol prosthetic treatment? At OdontoLiuzzi you will find a complete, qualified and up-to-date team with best practices!

Our team adopts modern techniques and uses cutting-edge technologies to carry out the treatment, ensuring precision, comfort for the patient and quality results.

Furthermore, our service follows an empathetic and gentle approach, which makes a difference in the patient's experience, especially for those who are afraid of the dentist. This way, it is possible to carry out the treatment with greater safety.

We are committed to quality and focusing on the patient, offering excellent and safe services, in a welcoming and respectful space. To transform your experience, we also have features such as painless anesthesia and aromatherapy.

We personalize treatment, carrying out detailed consultations to understand the specific needs and desires of each patient, meeting expectations.

Do you want to have access to all this when taking care of your smile? So, get in touch to schedule an evaluation and have a unique experience at OdontoLiuzzi!

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