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Resin veneers are powerful allies in transforming your smile! With them, you finally achieve aligned and harmonious teeth in size, shape and color. The best? For an affordable cost that fits your budget!

Do you want to place resin veneers and are looking for one? RJ dental clinic perfect to suit you? So, know that OdontoLiuzzi offers this treatment, carrying it out with a focus on excellence.

Our team is highly trained and provides personalized treatment, with humanized care, relieving anxieties, in addition to providing a pleasant experience for the patient.

Take the opportunity to learn details about resin dental veneer treatment and schedule an evaluation here at OdontoLiuzzi!

What is resin veneer?

After all, what is resin veneer? This is an extremely thin prosthesis, which is placed over the patient's natural tooth. It corrects anomalies inherent in the shape, size and color of teeth.

As it is very thin, the veneer delivers a natural result and goes unnoticed. But don't let the thickness fool you: the prosthesis lasts a long time, especially if you follow the guidelines and care recommended by the resin veneer specialist.

Resin veneers: what do they correct?

Placing veneers on your teeth helps correct specific problems that compromise the aesthetics of your smile. Among them, the yellowish color and stains stand out, ensuring a bright appearance to the teeth.

Veneers can also be used to close diastema, correct natural wear and tear and fractures, among other anomalies involving the shape and size of the teeth.

Are you in doubt whether your problem can be corrected by resin veneers? So, schedule an evaluation with one of our dentists and clarify this issue once and for all.


What are the benefits of resin veneers?

Did you know that the treatment of aesthetic dentistry with resin veneers is it very beneficial for the patient? By carrying it out, it is possible to obtain:

Perfect smile in just a few sessions

Veneers correct imperfections in the smile, making it perfect. The treatment is carried out in a few sessions and is simple, which is ideal for those in a hurry to see results.

Improved self-esteem

With a perfect smile, the patient guarantees a significant improvement in their self-esteem. It is possible to smile more easily, as well as communicate naturally, without fear of being embarrassed because of your teeth.

This has positive impacts on personal relationships, including professional ones, making a good impression, in addition to making better use of new opportunities.

Painless procedure

Do you not get resin veneers because you are afraid of feeling pain during the treatment? So, there is good news: the procedure is painless as it is non-invasive. Therefore, there is no need for anesthesia.

However, it is worth mentioning that some patients are more sensitive and may experience slight discomfort during the placement of the prostheses. Is this your case? Know that here at OdontoLiuzzi we work to offer the most comfortable patient experience.

Therefore, we provide a cozy environment and adopt a special protocol to provide maximum comfort to patients. One of our solutions is conscious sedation, which provides a feeling of relaxation. 

Excellent value for money

One of the main benefits of resin veneers is their excellent cost. They are more affordable compared to ceramic prostheses and deliver good results. 

However, they are not always the best alternatives to correct some problems. Talk to your dentist to find out which option is worth the most, based on what you want to improve in your smile.


Did you know that there is the possibility of reversing the treatment, returning your teeth to their original state? This is possible if the veneer is applied without wear, which can be done in some cases.

How is the treatment carried out?

The treatment has a relatively simple and practical process. After the evaluation, the stage of making the prostheses begins, which is done based on the modeling and other information sent by the dentist.

With the prosthetics ready, they proceed to the placement stage, which is painless. The dentist cleans the tooth, applies an adhesive product and places the dentures. 

If grinding is necessary, it is done before these steps and always minimally, to preserve the tooth structure. Simple, fast and safe, right?

Resin veneers in Rio de Janeiro

OdontoLiuzzi is the ideal dental clinic for you to get resin veneers in Rio de Janeiro! No wonder, as we have a qualified and up-to-date team to assist you.

Our team of dentists provides humanized care and personalizes the treatment, guaranteeing you the best possible result. Furthermore, our clinic is structured to reassure and comfort the patient, with cozy environments.

We also have modern and advanced technologies, which contribute to greater precision in treatment and greater comfort for patients. Schedule your appointment now and count on these differences when placing resin veneers! 

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