Understand the difference between protocol prosthesis and implant

prosthetic protocol

Protocol prosthesis and dental implant are dental treatments that make it possible to replace natural teeth. Although the purpose is the same, both procedures are different. Don't know what that difference is? No problem! Below, you can find this and other information you need to know about prosthetics and dental implants. Follow and find out! What […]

Painless dental implants are possible! know more

dental implant

The evolution of dentistry in recent decades has radically transformed procedures related to dental implants, making them practically painless and widely accessible. This transformation is the result of advances in anesthesia techniques, minimally invasive surgical methods and effective post-operative care. Odonto Liuzzi, a dental implant clinic, stands out in this scenario, offering personalized and humanized service, ensuring […]

Prosthesis Protocol

What is the protocol prosthesis? The protocol-type prosthesis is a denture attached to dental implants, which is indicated for those who have lost all their teeth in the same arch. Unlike conventional dentures, it does not rest on the gums and mucous membranes and also does not have mobility when speaking or chewing. What are the advantages […]

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