Dental Contact Lens

Dental Contact Lenses: what are they?

Dental contact lenses are incredible for transforming your smile in a unique way. natural and highly durableJust like small works of art, theDental contact lenses represent a revolution in aesthetic dentistry. They are thin layers delicately made and applied to the front surface of the teethThese lenses provide a natural and long-lasting result, improving not only aesthetics, but also your self-confidence.  

We can say that is the fastest and most durable alternative for dental harmonization. The process is minimally invasive and preserves the original tooth structure while completely transforming your smile. 

“It all depends on the transformation you want for your smile.”

8 main indications for lenses and dental veneers:

Clear! Dental contact lenses are experts in transforming your smile, correcting a series of dental imperfections to create exceptional harmony. They are able to deal with: 

The incredible thing is that in addition to correcting these problems, the lenses also perfectly reproduce the natural color and shine of your original teeth, or the color of your choice. Dental contact lenses are like artists, managing to replicate the authentic beauty of your smile in such a way that no one would notice the difference between them and your own teeth. Experience this transformation and discover how to elevate your smile to a new level of perfection, beauty and satisfaction. 

"That's why it's important to read about the subject and seek an expert to guide you."

Many artists and celebrities have been looking for dental contact lenses in Rio de Janeiro and around the world. The speed of the procedure and the immediate impeccable result are among the factors in this search for treatment.

Is tooth grinding necessary?

When the technique is the dental veneer, it is necessary to grind the teeth regardless of the type of change desired. In the case of contact lenses, this is not a rule.

In placing the lenses, the tooth wear process is minimal or none at all.

This wear can be done on all teeth in the upper or lower arcade, or just on some specific teeth that are out of position or too inclined.

But contrary to what many people think, opting for wear is not a choice made by the professional, or the patient, but rather determined by the position of the patient's tooth in addition to what they want as a result.

“The correct indication of lenses and dental veneers, aligned with the patient's objective, is what brings the best results.”

Durability of dental contact lenses: understand more

Dental lenses and veneers represent a major evolution in dentistry. There are several types of ceramics to manufacture them, each with its respective characteristics. Some are more resistant than the tooth itself and can last up to 20 years if well cared for, studies say. But for them to last longer, it is necessary to have good habits and care both by the professional who performs it and by the patient.

The lenses have high resistance and durability

Dental contact lenses have high resistance to the impact of chewing, but they can suffer external actions that reduce their useful life. Therefore, we can say that the duration of an aesthetic treatment where dental contact lenses are placed is very relative, as it depends care for each patient. We have separated the main characteristics so that you understand why they are resistant and durable:

Dental contact lenses are made of porcelain and therefore maintain their initial color and shine over time. Porcelain is a highly stain-resistant material and does not undergo significant changes in color, as long as adequate oral hygiene care is maintained. This way, patients can trust that their lenses will remain their original color and shine for a long period of time.

There is no fixed expiration date for dental contact lenses made from porcelain. Expiration is more related to proper care and maintenance, as well as correct use. If the patient follows the dentist's instructions, practices good oral hygiene and avoids habits that could damage the lenses, such as biting on hard objects, contact lenses can last for many years without the need for replacement. 

Porcelain dental veneers are designed to resist the forces of chewing. As long as they are properly fixed and well adapted by the dentist, and the patient avoids harmful habits, such as biting hard objects or excessively hard foods, contact lenses can withstand the pressures of chewing without fractures or damage, maintaining their functionality for a long time. period.

AND It is important to emphasize to patients that the durability of dental contact lenses is directly linked to preventive care and following the dentist's instructions. By adopting good oral hygiene habits and avoiding behaviors that could damage the lenses, they can enjoy the benefits of these lenses for many years. 

Your smile is your trademark!

When interacting with people, it is the smile that leaves the first impression, a memory that lasts in the memory. It is fascinating to observe how your smile becomes a bridge between other people, it is a universal language, understood by everyone, regardless of cultural or linguistic barriers. It is as if every curve of your lips tells a story, a narrative of happiness, kindness and human warmth. . People don't easily forget a smile. 

Imagine, for a moment, the impact your smile can have on the world around you.

What has your smile conveyed?

It doesn't matter if you don't have the smile you consider to be the most beautiful in the world. For us, beauty is what is healthy, functional and, above all, you are satisfied. But if that's not happening, it's time to turn that page. If, for some reason, you hide your joy behind your hands or limit yourself to a discreet smile in photos, know that it is possible to transform that.

Odontoliuzzi has already transformed thousands of smiles around the world, and can help you on this journey. 

4 interesting facts about dental lenses that you should know

1. Teeth that receive laminated porcelain veneers have greater resistance against fractures and cracks. Cracks are uncomfortable situations, as they are visible in some types of environments, and can generate a lot of sensitivity or be a contraindication for tooth whitening, if the patient's ultimate goal is to correct the color.
2. Made of biomaterial, the porcelain veneer is more resistant than natural tooth enamel!
3. The material of dental lenses is color stable, that is, they do not change color.
4. The material of lenses and dental veneers could last forever if they were not affected by uncontrolled parafunctional habits such as nail biting, clenching teeth, biting pen caps, opening or pulling things with your teeth.

Understand why lenses fall out

Some lenses fall out due to failure in the professional's adhesive cementation or due to habits exercised by patients. It is important that patients follow the dentist's instructions to avoid problems with dental contact lenses and consult the professional regularly to assess oral health and detect any need for repair.

What reasons make the lenses fall out?

The two main reasons for the lens to fall out on the part of the professional are linked to occlusion (bite) and adhesion (union of the tooth with the porcelain).

How can we avoid falls?

To avoid falls caused by poor adhesion, we must carry out careful dental preparations and correctly follow cementation protocols, in addition to using materials with proven quality and efficient adhesive systems and cements.
Another extremely important factor is occlusion (bite). Mutually protected occlusion says, in a simplified way, that the bottom teeth protect the front teeth and vice versa.

Missing teeth can completely disorganize your bite.

That is, there is no point in doing a beautiful job on your front teeth if you are missing teeth in the back or if your bite is completely disorganized. Esthetic work will not last if occlusion concepts are not followed exactly

What precautions should I take?

The patient, on the other hand, must take precautions when chewing, abandon habits such as tearing packaging and biting nails, clenching teeth, biting pen caps, among others, in addition to not forgetting periodic visits to the dentist and correct oral hygiene.

Discover Odonto Liuzzi’s differences

International reference in the application of Contact Lenses and Porcelain Dental Veneers, ODONTOLIUZZI receives patients from all continents seeking to increase their self-esteem with this treatment, solving problems such as stains, crooked or very separated teeth (diastema) that can leave their smile out of harmony.

Here, the actions to improve your smile are based on digital planning, where the specialist studies the parameters of size, type and shape of the face to adapt the best smile. These are safe, pain-free treatments with quick results, bringing back your desire to smile.


Should you choose Clínica Odontoliuzzi?

At Odontoliuzzi, we understand that every smile has a unique story and a singular expectation. That's why we're dedicated to listening carefully to each patient, understanding your expectations and concerns. Our difference is in ensuring that your dental contact lens treatment is personalized, precisely meeting your wishes and ensuring that what you would not like to see happen is carefully considered.  

Our clinic has a fully digital prosthesis laboratory, ensuring not only the optimization of delivery time, but also absolute precision in adapting the lenses, guaranteeing durability and preventing future infiltrations.

We value natural aesthetics, seeking harmony between a white smile without losing the authentic beauty of the teeth. We want people to look and instead of asking if you had dental contact lenses, they praise your smile as something positive and also want to ask where your dentist is.  

Our experts perform a thorough facial analysis, using advanced equipment and specialized techniques to ensure that the final result is perfectly harmonious with your face shape, striking features and skin tone.  

We offer, Aromatherapy, Sleep Therapy, Sedation, Painless Computerized Anesthesia and Massage providing a relaxing and pleasant experience during services.

We offer the ability to deliver same-day treatment, making your journey to a new smile more convenient and efficient. 

Here you will be able to do everything you need in one place, because we are an integrated team in all areas of Dentistry. Imagine having to look for more than one place to treat 1 tooth? How much time would I not waste? Furthermore, we study and plan all cases together, and you benefit from this, receiving a thorough analysis and the best solution for your treatment.

At Odontoliuzzi, we are committed to transforming your smile in a personalized way, respecting your individual expectations and providing an exceptionally caring and comfortable dental experience. We look forward to being part of your journey towards your dream smile. 

How long does treatment with lenses or dental veneers last?

Treatment with lenses or dental veneers generally takes 3 consultations to complete: preliminary work in the mouth, impression, and final cementation. It is possible to carry out a preview with temporary material so that the patient can analyze the result without any tooth wear, this brings safety and predictability, in addition, the treatment is completely reversible, that is, it can be removed and your teeth will be intact again. Regarding the durability of the treatment, we can say that if it is well monitored by the professional and the patient, there will never be a need for replacement.

Our First Consultation, How It Works

When you book your appointment with us, we take the time to thoroughly analyze your situation, openly discussing all your concerns and providing detailed explanations of the treatment plan.  

For us, more than simply completing a procedure, it is essential that you feel safe and aware of your decision.  

Before we consider any financial aspect when closing the budget, our priority is to clarify, guide and ensure that you feel at ease when making such an important decision. 

We fully understand that confidence and awareness at this moment are fundamental, as undergoing treatment with dental contact lenses is not just about transforming your smile, but also involves a positive change in your life and a significant increase in your self-esteem.  

We are here to guide you on this journey, ensuring that each step is taken with complete confidence and understanding of the transformative impact it will have on your life.  

We believe that your security and trust are essential to achieving a radiant smile and renewed confidence. 

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What is the difference between dental lens and porcelain veneer?

Porcelain veneer or dental lens:

Patients' doubts revolve around which one to use. In fact, the two are the same thing, they just differ in thickness, where the porcelain veneer is thicker than the dental lens, a fact that does not interfere at all with resistance, as both after cementation quietly resist masticatory forces. What will define whether you use one or the other is the position or color of the tooth that has been greatly altered, defined by the dentist and discussed in advance with the patient.

Do it with those who know and come transform your smile.

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“There are no obstacles when you feel like it.”

Marvio Amaral

I've always had a hard time going to a dental clinic. For the first time, I can assure you, I am sitting in a “dentist's” chair with complete confidence in the treatment (for me always painful!) which I am currently undergoing. It starts with the feeling of being welcomed by the professional – which makes all the difference when meeting him and knowing that you are -literally- in good hands! And that starts with the reception, whose attendant lives up to this function – that is: receptive at any time when I need it. Congratulations to Clínica Odontoliuzzi and its professionals who carry out exceptional work and admirable quality!

antera almeida mineiro
antera almeida mineiro
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Lugar excelente com ótimos profissionais!!!
Otavio Sant Anna
Otavio Sant Anna
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Clínica incrível e atendimento de primeira qualidade. Especialmente a Dra. Andrezza que teve muita paciência com o meu medo de dentista. Agradeço a todos e parabens pelo excelente trabalho!
Daniel Ferreira Oliveira
Daniel Ferreira Oliveira
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Não sou muito de fazer avaliações aqui no Google, mas nesse caso resolvi abrir uma exceção devido ao atendimento excelente que tive com a Odontolouzzi. Hoje, dia 17/03/23, tive dois sisos extraídos num mesmo atendimento pelo Bucomaxilo Dr. Jafé Japhet. A Cirurgia foi rápida, eficiente e totalmente indolor, resumindo: atendimento sensacional. Recomendo a todos.
Simone Fortuna
Simone Fortuna
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Desde criança tenho trauma de dentista por causa de um acidente que tive e na época foi tratado a sangue frio! Só de pensar em ir a um consultório, já me dava gatilho e era como se eu voltasse no tempo! Recentemente esse mesmo dente voltou a dar problema e tive que procurar um dentista com urgência, mas e o medo?! Foi então que pesquisando na internet, encontrei a Odontoliuzzi e através das avaliações feitas aqui criei coragem e marquei uma consulta. Foi a melhor coisa que fiz!!!! No início do tratamento precisava da companhia de algum familiar, mas agora já me sinto segura e confiante para ir sozinha. Agradeço ao anestesista Dr. Gustavo que me colocou para dormir fazendo com que eu não sentisse e não lembrasse de nada. Agradeço também as Drªs Camila e Renata pela dedicação, paciência e trabalho de excelência. Não posso deixar de agradecer as secretárias por toda atenção, disponibilidade, paciência e carinho!!! E em especial a Drª Natália Liuzzi, por ter tido a sensibilidade de pensar nas pessoas, que assim como eu, são traumatizadas! Equipe nota MIL, me senti acolhida e respeitada desde o 1º contato 💓
Fernando Couto Neto
Fernando Couto Neto
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Debbie Baxter
Debbie Baxter
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The most amazing dentists and a wonderful experience. I came here from the US and I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my implants. Big thank you to Thiago for helping me make this happen.
renata renata
renata renata
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Além de perfeitos na execução são afetuosos, detalhistas, pacientes e flexíveis! Superindico!
thiago mello ritta ferreira
thiago mello ritta ferreira
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Melhor dentista que já conheci. Não apenas melhor dentista, mas melhor clínica. Ambiente extremamente bem equipado, profissionais atenciosos, eles tem laboratório de prótese próprio com tecnologia digital 3D. Eles buscam criar uma experiência e não apenas um atendimento odontológico. Nota 10.
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