Dentistry: cosmetic dentistry

Dentistry, which is also called aesthetic dentistry, has the best solutions for you to achieve the perfect smile you dream of, restoring your self-esteem.

Thinking about helping you in this process, OdontoLiuzzi offers a series of aesthetic dentistry treatments in RJ, carrying them out with quality, safety and focus on providing an excellent experience for the patient.

Take the opportunity to learn about our procedures and our clinic, which has a privileged location in Rio de Janeiro and has dentists specializing in aesthetic and humanized dentistry!

What is dentistry?

Dentistry or aesthetic dentistry is the area of dentistry responsible for the cosmetic and restoration of teeth. It involves a series of dental aesthetic treatments, bringing a more expressive and captivating smile to the patient.

Main dentistry treatments / aesthetic dentistry

There are several aesthetic dental treatments, alternatives that provide the smile that the patient has always wanted. Below you will find some of the main things we do here at OdontoLiuzzi:

1. Dental contact lens and dental veneer

These are aesthetic dentistry treatments that aim to correct anomalies inherent to the size, shape and color of the tooth. The result is a harmonious smile, free from imperfections, aligned and illuminated.

Dental contact lenses and dental veneers are super-thin prosthetics that are placed over the patient's natural tooth. The difference between the two is in thickness, with the veneer being slightly thicker, without loss of naturalness. Therefore, it goes unnoticed after placement.

They deliver excellent results in just a few sessions, painlessly and are long-lasting. Therefore, they are well worth the investment, transforming your smile in a practical way!

2. Teeth whitening

Aesthetic dentistry treatment that aims to brighten the smile, lightening yellowish tones. It can be done in-office, using a whitening agent and laser application.

In-office teeth whitening has the distinction of delivering results in the short term, that is, in a few sessions, in addition to being safe, carried out under the supervision of a dentist.

3. Aesthetic orthodontics

Aesthetic orthodontic treatment aims to align the patient's teeth and jaw, in order to correct bites and smile. It transforms the patient's smile, in addition to contributing to their quality of life, reducing muscle and jaw joint pain.

Teeth are corrected and aligned using orthodontic appliances, such as the Invisalign clear aligner. Treatment is long-term, ending in months or years, depending on the case.

4. Dental crown

It is a prosthesis that aims to replace or restore a tooth, guaranteeing it an adequate structure. This way, it is possible to resume functions such as chewing, in addition to aesthetics.

Here at OdontoLiuzzi, we scan the patient's mouth and create crowns designed with 3D technology. The prosthetics are of quality, resistant to wear and very natural.

5. Dental implant and prosthesis protocol

Both are aesthetic dental treatments that aim to replace natural teeth that the patient has lost. They are different procedures that complement each other: the implant replaces the root of the tooth and the prosthesis performs the tooth itself.

These treatments enable oral and smile rehabilitation, enabling the patient to chew properly and smile more easily again.

Benefits of dentistry treatments

You've probably already asked yourself whether it's really worth having dentistry/cosmetic dentistry treatments. Yes, it pays off a lot, as it is an investment in you and your smile.

Many patients are uncomfortable with the color, stain or some flaw in their teeth, even leading to embarrassment when smiling and communicating in informal situations and at work. As a result, there is a reduction in self-esteem and self-confidence.

By carrying out the treatments, you can regain your self-esteem and start to smile more easily. This helps in relationships, including making better use of opportunities that arise in your life.

Furthermore, aesthetic treatments help you to have good oral health. If there is a problem, this condition is first treated and then the aesthetics are taken care of.

Discover our differences

Did you know that we offer several differences in our dental treatments? One of the main things is that we follow the concept of humanized dentistry, which provides a unique experience for the patient.

To guarantee this, our dentists provide humanized and dental treatment custom. We use methods to reduce discomfort and anxiety, such as conscious sedation, calming environments and relaxation techniques.

We are a dentistry clinic specialized in aesthetics, although our team is qualified to carry out any other treatments, including clinical ones.

We continually invest in cutting-edge technology, which is used in procedures to ensure accurate, high-quality results. Furthermore, our team is experienced, qualified, up-to-date and performs excellent work for the patient.

We adopt safety and hygiene protocols, which involve a thorough sterilization process.
This way, we are able to offer safe environments and equipment to patients, who have greater peace of mind when carrying out their treatments.

Contact us to schedule an evaluation and take care of your smile with a dentist in Rio de Janeiro specialized, achieving the result you always dreamed of!

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“Never give up on the things that make you smile.”

Jose Carlos D'Souza

The reception door of Clínica Odontoliuzzi opens. I feel like I'm in the living room of a happy, simple and welcoming family home. Before, during and after the procedures, I already feel like a member of this family team. I am grateful to everyone for the excellent results obtained from my treatment. My smile is younger and healthier. Hugs.

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