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Impressive before and after teeth whitening procedure. Visible transformation, revealing a brighter and more radiant smile. Discover the benefits of professional teeth whitening to achieve whiter teeth and renewed confidence.
You've arrived at the right place! A humanized dental clinic, where you will no longer be one! And your whitening won't be that cliché! Here we personalize consultations, aligning with your expectations and desires regarding the treatment. If you smoke, we have the solution; If you feel sensitive, we have the solution; And if you've already done it and weren't satisfied, we also have a solution. Understand that we don't just want to perform whitening, we want to be part of the story of your smile and be unique in your journey! So, get ready to put the yellowness aside and welcome a smile more radiant than ever! Let's understand a little more together?

Dental Whitening: WHAT IS IT?

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive procedure that uses carefully developed products, such as peroxides that are applied to the teeth by the dentist, as in laser tooth whitening, or applied by you at home with the help of a tray made by the dentist, as in tooth whitening. homemade dental treatment, or applied simultaneously, with the combined technique to change the color of dentin, which is the second dental structure.

At this point you may be thinking that doing this could damage your teeth, BUT THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN! The transformation occurs gradually, respecting the integrity of the dental structures.

At odontoliuzzi we have an arsenal of techniques, technologies and specific products to make your teeth whitening unique and painless.
Here we do not count the number of syringes or number of sessions, we focus on delivering results and meeting your expectations.

“Invest in your well-being and see how your life transforms.”

You know that desire to upgrade your smile? Teeth whitening is the right choice!

But if, in addition to changing the color, you also want to change the shape, size, and/or align your teeth, Click here to better understand other types of treatments that can help you.

Dental Whitening: WHAT ARE THE TYPES?

There are several types of teeth whitening available, each suited to different clinical characteristics and individual expectations. It is crucial to understand that the choice of method must be personalized, considering the condition of your teeth and your specific whitening goals. Let's explore each option in detail so you understand its particularities. However, it is important to highlight that, in many cases, the combined technique emerges as the most effective choice, as it integrates the advantages of different methods, eliminating the disadvantages. This synergistic approach results in longer-lasting, brighter and more comfortable teeth whitening. We are here to guide you in the choice that best meets your needs, ensuring a radiant and healthy smile.

4 Types of Whitening: Understand everything about them

There are currently several ways to whiten your teeth. We have separated for you the 4 types of Whitening that we use most.

“We always make the laser available to our patients, but we advise that it only accelerates the action of the gel, reducing chair time, but brings a greater chance of sensitivity.”

How does whitening work?

To understand how tooth whitening works, it is essential to understand that it is a chemical reaction: the whitening gel, based on hydrogen peroxide or carbamine, is applied to the tooth, having the ability to break down pigment molecules.

When it comes into contact with the tooth, the product is absorbed, breaking the color molecules of the dentin and resulting in tooth whitening, and consequently promoting a more beautiful smile.

This aesthetic procedure is like a “detox” for your teeth, getting rid of the pigments that insist on staining or darkening your smile, and the fault often lies with your diet, where food pigments penetrate the tooth enamel, reaching the dentin, which This is exactly where Whitening will act.

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Do it with those who know and come transform your smile.

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“There are no obstacles when you feel like it.”

Marvio Amaral

I've always had a hard time going to a dental clinic. For the first time, I can assure you, I am sitting in a “dentist's” chair with complete confidence in the treatment (for me always painful!) which I am currently undergoing. It starts with the feeling of being welcomed by the professional – which makes all the difference when meeting him and knowing that you are -literally- in good hands! And that starts with the reception, whose attendant lives up to this function – that is: receptive at any time when I need it. Congratulations to Clínica Odontoliuzzi and its professionals who carry out exceptional work and admirable quality!

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