Conscious Sedation: The best solution for you afraid of the dentist!

Do you suffer from fear of the dentist? Conscious sedation may be the ideal solution for you! During this treatment, you will be relaxed and able to answer the dentist's questions, but you will have no memories of the experience. Find out here what it is and how conscious sedation can help you overcome your fear of the dentist and get the treatment you need the way you deserve!  

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Conscious sedation at the dentist: how it works and what the benefits are

Patient receives dental care with conscious sedation

Conscious sedation is an interesting solution for patients, especially those who are afraid of the dentist. The reason is simple: it makes dental treatments possible. Don't you know this type of sedation, much less how it works and what its advantages are? No problem! Below, you can check this and other information and […]

Discover the importance of humanized care

Patient receives humanized care at a dental clinic

Have you ever heard of humanized patient care in dentistry? This is a type of special care that transforms the patient's experience and provides unique benefits. But what is humanized care and what is its real importance? Below, we answer these questions and talk more about the subject. Continue reading to […]

What is humanized dentistry?

humanized dentistry

Humanized dentistry is a strong trend among dentists and dental clinics. But do you know what it means and how important it is for the patient? Here, we present details about this concept! Continue reading and discover what humanized dentistry is, what its main characteristics are and other important details on the topic! […]

Reasons not to be afraid of the dentist

young man afraid of dentist odontophobia

Are you afraid of the dentist? Believe me, this is a very common reaction among patients! Just remembering the noise of the dreaded engine or the possibility of local anesthesia makes many people abandon their appointment, postponing treatments. That's precisely where the problem lies: dentist phobia or fear of dental treatments increases […]

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