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Dental Treatment goes beyond just fixing a tooth. oral health care is an important part of general health.

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We are a Dental Clinic, located in Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro.

Welcome to Odontoliuzzi: the world-renowned dental clinic for dental treatments for those who are afraid of the dentist and want to take care of their oral health with a special touch!
Our dental clinic has a team of twelve specialist dentists who have strong experience in the areas of dental implants, porcelain veneers, dental contact lenses, GINGIVITIS AND PERIODONTITIS TREATMENT, aesthetic orthodontics, Invisalign, dentistry, teeth whitening, dental spa, treatment of TMD and REMOVAL OF THE WISDOM TOOTH WITH BUCOMAXIL. To further ensure the satisfaction of our patients, we offer porcelain teeth services in our own digital laboratory, allowing our patients to receive their treatments quickly and with the highest quality.
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