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A national reference in the application of Contact Lenses and Porcelain Dental Veneers, ODONTOLIUZZI seeks, with this treatment, to raise your self-esteem, solving problems such as stains, crooked or widely separated teeth that can leave your smile without harmony.

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An international reference in the application of Porcelain Contact Lenses and Dental Veneers, ODONTOLIUZZI seeks, with this treatment, to raise your self-esteem, solving problems such as stains, crooked or widely spaced teeth that can leave your smile without harmony.

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Do you use removable prostheses (DENTURES)? Do you know someone who uses this type of prosthesis? People who use this type of removable prosthesis (dentures) know how difficult it is to speak, smile or eat.

Dental Crowns

Relying on CAD/CAM Technology, the patient's mouth is scanned and their crowns designed with 3D technology. Our dental crowns are made in our own laboratory, and in some cases it is possible to make them and place them permanently on the same day.

Dental Implant

Dental implant treatment

With some of the best professionals in the dental market, ODONTOLIUZZI offers dental implants with the highest technology and comfort.


gum treatment

Periodontal diseases, gingivitis and periodontitis or pyorrhea are serious infections that, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss, or even infections in various parts of the body. The word periodontal literally means “around the tooth”.


Dental root canal treatment

Dental canal treatment is a procedure carried out to clean the inside of the compromised tooth performed by the specialist endodontist dentist. with the final filling the communication of the internal environment of the tooth, already clean, with the external environment so that the exchange of new infections does not occur.

Aesthetic Orthodontics

Dental braces and aligners

Orthodontic treatment can transform your life. Aligned, aesthetically pleasing and healthy-looking teeth bring balance and beauty to the face, profoundly transforming the physiognomy and reflecting a good quality of life, in addition to preventing chronic muscle pain and pain in the mandibular joint, as well as tooth loss.


temporomandibular disorder

With few specialists in the market, ODONTOLIUZZI has specialists in the treatment of TMD, or temporomandibular disorders.


cosmetic dentistry

Dentistry or cosmetic dentistry is the area of dentistry responsible for cosmetic and dental restoration.

Regular dental appointments and dental treatments, when necessary, are essential care to have a perfect smile and maintain your oral health. 

This way, you will have self-esteem and a better quality of life, as a beautiful smile helps you feel good about yourself and avoids negative impacts on your general health.

Here at OdontoLiuzzi, you can carry out your routine dental consultations with specialist professionals, as well as find a wide variety of dental services. Discover the main ones and schedule your consultation with us! 

Our main dental treatments in Rio de Janeiro

We offer several dental treatment options, from endodontics to aesthetic dentistry. Below, you can find out what services we offer:

1. Endodontics

Endodontics is a specialty dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases that affect the dental pulp, root canals and periapical tissues. It covers the famous root canal treatment, which eliminates deep cavities.

2. Periodontics

Specialty of dentistry that deals with diseases that affect the periodontium (tissues that support the tooth). This is the case with gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (infection of the periodontium).

It may involve treatments such as cleaning, use of lasers and medications, among others. In fact, the dental procedure is essential to prevent the disease from worsening, which can lead to the loss of natural teeth.


3. Aesthetic orthodontics

Aesthetic orthodontics is a specialty aimed at correcting the position of teeth and jaw bones, which is done through the use of fixed or mobile orthodontic appliances. 

As a result, it is easier to clean your teeth, as well as correct your bite and align your teeth. It facilitates chewing processes, in addition to ensuring a beautiful and aesthetically perfect smile.

At OdontoLiuzzi, we work with the best orthodontic appliances, with aesthetic alternatives such as sapphire, self-ligating, lingual and transparent aligners, such as Invisalign.

4. Cosmetic dentistry

Segment of dentistry that focuses on aesthetics, that is, improving the appearance of teeth and smile. It includes a series of treatments that deliver incredible results.

At OdontoLiuzzi, you will find procedures such as dental veneers, which transform your smile in just a few sessions, correcting problems with the color, size and shape of your teeth.

We also make dental crowns, dental contact lenses and teeth whitening, as well as dental implants and protocol prostheses, for oral rehabilitation.

5. TMD

TMD is Temporomandibular Disorder, which can cause headaches and joint pain, apnea and snoring, bruxism, among other conditions inherent to the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

We have specialists in the treatment of TMD and perform various procedures, such as the application of botulinum toxin to the joint, braces for bruxism, among others.

6. Dental Day Spa

This is an exclusive service in which the patient receives the treatments they need in a single day. We create a special environment, with the possibility of choosing the soundtrack you want, using aromatherapy, among others.

We have modern and innovative equipment that makes it possible to perform procedures quickly and painlessly. At the end of the day, the patient gets a new smile! It is the ideal service for those who have little time to take care of their teeth, including brides and patients who are afraid of the dentist.

Discover OdontoLiuzzi’s differences

In addition to the wide variety of dental services, OdontoLiuzzi also has other differences! Below, we present the main ones so you can check them out and understand why we are the best dental clinic in RJ to take care of your smile:

Humanized service and personalized treatment

The entire OdontoLiuzzi team focuses on providing the best experience for the patient, from the initial contact with the clinic to the completion of the treatment. 

We provide humanized care, which focuses on empathy, understanding the patient and their pain, in order to get to know them deeply. 

To reinforce comfort and humanized care for the patient, we have resources such as conscious sedation and painless anesthesia (Morpheus).

This way, it is possible to personalize the treatment, offering the best service, with the results you want. Furthermore, we minimize anxiety, a typical symptom of those who are afraid of the dentist, giving the patient more security.

Complete, modern and welcoming clinic

OdontoLiuzzi has a complete structure, with modern equipment and welcoming environments. Our focus is to offer the best in dental treatment, without leaving aside patient comfort.

Advanced technologies

We continually invest in advanced technology for application in dental treatment. We take x-rays in the office, we have a CAD/CAM system for scanning the mouth and creating prostheses, as well as our own prosthetic laboratory.

Commitment to patient health and safety

We follow strict hygiene protocols, always focusing on the health and safety of patients, in order to provide greater peace of mind during procedures.

Qualified dentists

Our team has dentist Rio de Janeiro qualified from various specialties, with up-to-date knowledge and experience to carry out excellent work. Schedule your evaluation with us!

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