esthetic orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment can transform your life. Aligned, aesthetically pleasing and healthy-looking teeth bring balance and beauty to the face, profoundly transforming the physiognomy and reflecting a good quality of life, in addition to preventing chronic muscle pain and pain in the mandibular joint, as well as tooth loss. In oral rehabilitation in general, this specialty is essential, as it makes it possible to position disorganized teeth in order to return exactly the space of a tooth, often being indispensable in the insertion of a bone implant.

That is why the use of Orthodontic appliances is becoming more and more frequent in adults who value good masticatory function and quality of life, and it was with this aspect in mind that we specialized in the best aesthetic appliances such as Sapphire, Auto – Ligada, Lingual, and Clear Aligners (INVISALIGN).

The latter (Transparent Aligner) appears as an alternative for patients who do not want a perceptive device, with a quick, painless and discreet treatment. However, it does not suit all types of patients.

“The change you want is in the decision you make.”

Filipe Abelha

Excellent service, great facilities, and professionals passionate about what they do. The virtue is in the details: in the friendliness when being received, in the music during consultations, in the always delicious coffee, in the ultra clean bathrooms, in the always pleasant temperature, in the delicacy when handling my teeth, in the well-placed braces, which never bothered or hurt I remember that I use it… I highly recommend it!

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