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Dental Clinic with Experience in Humanized Treatment for Patients with Fear of the Dentist and Extensive Oral Rehabilitation. If you are looking for a Dental Clinic with Quality, Safety, Agility, and Humanized Treatment, visit Odontoliuzzi in Flamengo RJ. Are Specialists in Dental Implants, Dental Contact Lenses, Invisalign, Sedation Surgery, and several other Advanced Treatments, Everything in 1 place. Lose your fear of the dentist now and enjoy a new way of going to the dentist.

Dental Clinic with Experience in Humanized Treatment for Patients with Fear of the Dentist and Extensive Oral Rehabilitation. If you are looking for a Dental Clinic with Quality, Safety, Agility, and Humanized Service, visit Odontoliuzzi in Flamengo RJ.

We are specialists in Dental Implant, Dental Contact Lenses, Invisalign, Sedation Surgery, and several other advanced treatments, all in 1 place.

Lose your fear of dentists now and take advantage of our services: CLICK HERE! 

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Get to know all of our Dental Treatments now, specially developed to provide you with The Best in Dental Care.

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If you've already tried it, and you don't know what else to do to overcome your fear of Dental Treatment, We have the solution for you !

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For you who are dissatisfied with the harmony of your smile, have stains or crooked teeth, don't decide without getting to know us first! 

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Why Should You Choose Odontoliuzzi?

Why Choose Odontoliuzzi?

We are a Dental Clinic, located in the neighborhood of Flamengo, South Zone of Rio de Janeiro. 

 Welcome to Odontoliuzzi: The World Reference Dental Clinic in Dental Treatments for Those Who Are Afraid of Dentists, and seek to take care of their Oral Health with a Special Touch!

Founded 15 years ago, we set it as Mission To Provide Humanized and Quality Treatment, so that everyone can take care of their Oral Health with Safety, Efficiency and Durability, offering Complete Services in a Single Location.



Our Purpose

Here You Will Be Our Commitment

 Our Dental Clinic believes that Oral Health is much more than treating a broken tooth, We believe that, with the alliance between knowledge, efficiency and humanization, we can offer our patients the care they seek

We don't just treat fillings that break or teeth that hurt, but We are committed to taking care of you. to prevent this from happening. Come meet us and take care of yourself!


Our dental clinic has a team of twelve specialist dentists who have strong experience in the areas of:


Our Treatments

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Successful Treatments

Do you want to have sky-high self-esteem, speak with more confidence and chew without pain?

Here you will find different types of successfully transformed smiles and you will be able to feel the immense satisfaction of the patient and the impact that this will have on the lives of others. Lose Your Fear and Invest in Yourself!

anther almeida mineiro
anther almeida mineiro
Great place with great professionals!!!
Otavio Sant Anna
Otavio Sant Anna
Amazing clinic and top notch service. Especially Dr. Andrezza who was very patient with my fear of the dentist. Thank you all and congratulations for the excellent work!
Daniel Ferreira Oliveira
Daniel Ferreira Oliveira
I'm not one to do reviews here on Google, but in this case I decided to make an exception due to the excellent service I had with Odontolouzzi. Today, 03/17/23, I had two wisdom teeth extracted in the same session by Maxillofacial Dr. Jafé Japhet. Surgery was fast, efficient and completely painless, in short: sensational service. I recommend it to everyone.
Simone Fortune
Simone Fortune
Since I was a child, I have been traumatized by the dentist because of an accident I had and at the time it was treated in cold blood! Just thinking about going to an office would trigger me and it was like going back in time! Recently, that same tooth had a problem again and I had to look for a dentist urgently, but what about the fear ?! It was then that searching the internet, I found Odontoliuzzi and through the evaluations made here I created courage and made an appointment. It was the best thing I ever did!!!! At the beginning of the treatment, I needed the company of a family member, but now I feel safe and confident to go alone. Thanks to the anesthetist Dr. Gustavo who put me to sleep so that I didn't feel or remember anything. I would also like to thank Drs Camila and Renata for their dedication, patience and excellent work. I cannot fail to thank the secretaries for all their attention, availability, patience and affection!!! And especially Dr. Natália Liuzzi, for having had the sensitivity to think about people who, like me, are traumatized! A thousand note team, I felt welcomed and respected from the 1st contact 💓
Fernando Couto Neto
Fernando Couto Neto
Debbie Baxter
Debbie Baxter
The most amazing dentists and a wonderful experience. I came here from the US and I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my implants. Big thank you to Thiago for helping me make this happen.
renata renata
renata renata
In addition to being perfect in execution, they are affectionate, detail-oriented, patient and flexible! Superindicate!
thiago mello ritta ferreira
thiago mello ritta ferreira
Best dentist I've ever met. Not just the best dentist, but the best clinic. Extremely well equipped environment, attentive professionals, they have their own prosthesis laboratory with 3D digital technology. They seek to create an experience and not just dental care. Grade 10.
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