Do you need to wear your teeth to wear dental contact lenses?

The image shows a woman wearing dental contact lenses.

What you will find in this article: When is it necessary to wear teeth? The advantages of dental contact lenses Natural aesthetics Minimally invasive Durability Correction of imperfections Post-application care Application procedure Renew your smile with Dental Contact Lenses at OdontoLiuzzi There are many myths spread today related to […]

How long do dental contact lenses last?

young man choosing dental contact lenses

Dental contact lenses are the perfect solution for having the perfect smile! With them, it is possible to standardize the color, size and shape of your teeth, making your smile harmonious and more beautiful, in order to regain your self-esteem. Those who still don’t know this treatment in depth tend to have a question: after all, how long does the lens last […]

Do you know what dental contact lenses are?

Dental contact lenses, as they are popularly known, are called ultrafine dental ceramic facets by dentists. They have from 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters, which allows a minimum dental preparation, conserving even more the structure of the tooth.

What is the durability of veneers or porcelain lenses?

Porcelain or ceramics are generally more resistant than the natural tooth itself. It is estimated that veneers last 10-15 years or more, depending on the quality of cementation, type of ceramic and care according to the dentist's guidelines that the patient should have. After 10 years of veneer cementation, 95% […]

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