Reasons not to be afraid of the dentist

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Dr. Natália Morales is a specialist in Endodontics, Implantology, Dental Prosthesis and 3d Dentistry and has been dedicated for 14 years to caring for patients with odontophobia. Reference in humanized care.

Are you afraid of the dentist? Believe me, this is a very common reaction among patients! Just remembering the noise of the dreaded engine or the possibility of local anesthesia makes many people abandon their appointment, postponing treatments.

This is precisely where the problem lies: dentist phobia or fear of dental treatments increases the risk of advancement and complications of any conditions the patient has. In more serious cases, it can lead to early tooth loss.

Proper and early dental treatment is just one of the reasons not to be afraid of the dentist. Here, you can check out others! Continue reading to discover and learn tips that can help you!

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What is odontophobia?

Fear of the dentist at an intense level, which generates anxiety and dread, is known as odontophobia. Often, the patient ends up withdrawing from the consultation even if the treatment is mandatory, such as in cases of eliminating pain and infections.

The symptoms of odontophobia tend to vary between patients. Some people faint before or during procedures. Anyone who is terrified of feeling pain, the anesthesia needle and the smell of the office itself.

Some patients may have difficulty breathing, nausea, choke easily or experience slight changes in heartbeat, sweating, tremors and muscle tension.

These are symptoms that the dentist for those with a phobia can identify, being able to make an accurate diagnosis and a personalized treatment approach for the patient.

What are the causes of odontophobia?

It is still not known for sure what causes fear of the dentist/odontophobia. However, it is believed that it appears after having a traumatic experience with a professional or witnessing other people's experiences.

Patients who report fear of the dentist have typically experienced poor dental care or witnessed a frightening situation.

In cases like this, these experiences deeply impact their relationship with dentists and dental care, directly impacting oral health, even in adults.

3 reasons not to be afraid of the dentist

If you suffer from odontophobia, know that there are some reasons not to be afraid of the dentist and that can help you overcome this problem. Below we present the main ones:

1. Guaranteeing oral health

Having good oral health is one of the main reasons why you shouldn't be afraid of the dentist. If you have any condition, such as cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, among others, lack of treatment increases the risk of complications.

When this occurs, the patient starts to feel pain, has a reduced quality of life and a greater chance of losing their natural tooth, compromising their smile.

Furthermore, the lack of dental treatment directly impacts the patient's self-esteem, who has more difficulty smiling and communicating. As a result, they suffer losses in personal and professional relationships.

One of the tips that can help you overcome, even if little by little, your fear of the dentist is to focus on your oral health, which can interfere with your health as a whole.

2. Advances in dentistry

There are those who are afraid of the dentist because they are afraid of needles and other equipment used by the professional. However, it is important to know that dentistry is currently much more advanced.

In practice, this means that there are safe anesthesia alternatives, making it possible to carry out treatments without pain. A great example is the intravenous, which keeps the patient in a state of deep drowsiness, enabling quick care, a simpler and practically painless powder.

The equipment used in dental treatments is also more modern, including the possibility of using technologies. They make the procedure faster and safer, guaranteeing the patient a better experience.

To have access to all of this, it is important to carry out your dental consultations and treatments at a modern clinic, which continually invests in the well-being of patients and in service technology.

3. Dentists who provide humanized care

There are dentists who provide humanized care to patients. This approach is part of humanized dentistry, which focuses on the patient's well-being, leaving them more comfortable and confident to reach the end of consultations and treatments.

And how does humanized dental care work? The dentist works to listen to the patient, identify their needs and pains, seeking to get to know them deeply.

This makes it possible to personalize dental care, adopting an approach that makes the most sense for the patient, considering their fears, in order to overcome them and effectively carry out the treatment they need.

Humanized care does not only involve the relationship between patient and dentist. It also covers the clinic's reception service and the creation of an environment that provides greater safety for the patient, as well as a feeling of comfort.

Therefore, one of the main steps to overcoming fear is to look for a dentist who provides humanized care. This way, you will have a professional focused on ensuring a good experience, giving you a better chance of completing your treatment.

What can you do to overcome your fear of the dentist?

In addition to the tips we've already given here, such as focusing on oral health, looking for offices with advanced technologies and practices and preferring dentists who provide humanized care, there are other measures that can help you.

One of them is to establish a trusting relationship with the dentist. Tell us about your fear and don't be afraid to ask any questions you have. The more information you have, the safer you will feel.

Another important tip is to ask someone to accompany you to the consultation or treatment. Having the support of a known person can help you with this process, making it through more easily.

When you identify that the fear is very intense and you are unable to overcome it alone, seek support. The dentist himself can recommend integrative practices that can help.

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