How much does tooth whitening cost and what factors influence the price

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Our smile is an important business card. Sympathy and firmness are responsible for opening many doors, in personal or professional life. We need to be able to smile confidently, and the color of our teeth is an important factor in bringing about that confidence.

Many people are embarrassed to smile due to yellow teeth. In these cases, it is important to resort to bleaching to resolve the issue. Do you know how much one costs? tooth whitening? Is it possible to afford this type of procedure?

Next, we'll talk about it!


What is tooth whitening?

Dental whitening is a type of aesthetic procedure that has been winning the hearts of many, with a considerable increase in the number of dental offices.

In it, whitening agents are used to recover the original color of the teeth, normally, in the course of life due to some factors, the tooth loses its natural color, acquiring stains or a more yellowish tone.

The whitening procedure is considered something aesthetic and is usually done by a dentist, where the product is applied on the teeth, making their appearance clearer.

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How does tooth whitening work?

The tooth whitening procedure is done with a whitening gel that has an acidic formula. Therefore, when the gel comes into contact with the surface of the tooth, a chemical process is activated, where oxygen is released.

In this way, free oxygen breaks down the pigment particles that left the tooth with a yellowish color. These molecules allow the tooth to have a greater reflection of light, thus becoming whiter.

However, the teeth whitening process can be done in different types of approaches, either internal, usually done on teeth that have undergone root canal treatment, and external, which removes stains from tooth enamel.

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How to whiten teeth?

There are two ways to whiten teeth, the first is at home, where the patient applies the product at home with the guidance of the dentist.

Another option is laser tooth whitening, which is performed in the office and consists of applying a substance to the teeth along with the laser application.

Learn more about how each of these procedures works:

home teeth whitening

This procedure can be done in two ways: by a professional or in an amateur way, as when looking for recipes on the internet with miraculous options, generally harming your oral health.

However, when treatment is indicated by a specialized professional, most of the treatment is done at home by the patient, where a chemical agent is placed inside a tray adaptable to the teeth.

With this, the materials for the treatment are provided by the dental surgeon, who assists and guides the patient throughout the treatment, through frequent visits of the patient to the office.

Usually, home whitening lasts an average of 30 days and tends to be the most chosen because it is less aggressive.

Laser teeth whitening

In the laser tooth whitening procedure, the dentist applies a powerful oxidizing chemical agent to the patient's teeth.

From this, to prevent burns on the gums, lips or cheeks, an internal protector is used.

Therefore, an activating energy source is applied that intensifies whitening. That is, the patient can already see results in the first session.

internal x external whitening

Despite the self-explanatory names, some patients may still have doubts about this procedure, so I will try to explain here the difference between them.

In internal bleaching, it is used when patients have had to undergo root canal treatment, for example. Therefore, the substance that is used is placed inside the tooth.

As for external whitening, the product that is used is placed on the outside of the tooth, which is why it is called “external”. In addition, it can also be applied both in the office and at home, but of course, with proper follow-up.


How long does it take to whiten?

In cases of at-home bleaching using a tray, it is necessary that the application be carried out for one to two hours a day by the patient himself over a period of 30 days on average.

When done by a professional, teeth whitening can take up to 50 minutes, and can be two to three sessions, with a period of intervals of one week between procedures.


Who can't whiten?

For those thinking about having the procedure, know that it is not impossible, you just need to take certain precautions, such as if your oral cavity is in a good state of health, if so, you can proceed with the procedure.

But when oral health may be weakened, patients who have oral problems such as cavities, periodontal diseases and dental injuries should not undergo whitening. In addition, those who suffer from tooth sensitivity should be even more careful with the chosen tooth whitening kit.

It is also not advisable that children under 16 and people who have stains on their teeth - caused by the use of tetracycline, or who suffer from sensitivity in their teeth, should not undergo the procedure.

It is also not indicated for people who have many restorations, since bleaching agents do not work on resin.

Another type of patient who needs to avoid the procedure are pregnant people, as it is an aesthetic procedure, reactions can interfere with pregnancy.

In addition to this, another point that needs to be highlighted is that tooth whitening, even though it is very requested, needs to be accompanied and indicated by a specialized professional.

Because when this is done, the patient's entire history will be analyzed, and thus identify and treat possible problems that their oral cavity may have.

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When to redo the procedure

When done in the office, tooth whitening has a shelf life that lasts from 2 (two) to 3 (three) years. However, within this period, there may be variations, which may occur due to habits such as poor diet or the use of cigarettes.


Precautions when doing home teeth whitening

According to São Paulo Regional Council of Dentistry (CRO-SP) the increase in doubts about tooth whitening and related problems has increased in recent months.

When done without any guidance from a dentist, the use of products that, despite being natural, can harm oral health, offering a result contrary to expectations, causing wear and stains on the teeth, for example.

Among the products that were applied to the teeth, according to the organ, are: strawberries, banana peels, activated charcoal and even other “bizarre”.

Why can these natural remedies harm your teeth? Strawberries are known as a citrus fruit, which for those who don't know, have malic acid, which is a component that leads to loss of tooth structure.

From there, instead of just whitening your teeth, it can also cause acid erosion on your teeth. Leaving them more sensitive, causing pain when they come into contact with something cold, such as drink, ice cream and popsicles.


Does activated charcoal whiten teeth?

Activated charcoal whitens teeth, however, the process occurs superficially, i.e. it gives a feeling that teeth whitening was done, but in fact it only removed surface stains.

Also sought after by many, it ends up being another example of material that, when used correctly, can cause damage.

Another problem related to activated charcoal is that when used frequently, it can make your teeth rough, contributing to dirt sticking to your teeth more easily.

One estimate points out that if a 20-year-old person rubs a little charcoal every day on their teeth, they will be making a sanding effect, so that when the person is 40 years old, they have already lost half of their tooth structures.


Post whitening care

There are some habits that can harm teeth health, and these should be left aside, such as cigarettes and high consumption of alcoholic beverages.

It is very important that for a satisfactory result in the before and after teeth whitening, you have some basic care. See some:


It is very important to be careful with your diet, avoid foods that have a high acidity rate, it is normal that there is a little increase in sensitivity after bleaching, therefore, avoid foods such as citrus fruits and stronger seasonings.

Coffee, soy sauce and beetroot are some of the villains of those who have done or are doing teeth whitening. Although it is said that the consumption of any food after whitening does not interfere with the result of the process, it is advisable to avoid it.

Soon, colorful foods or drinks with dyes should also be left out for some time, such as red wine, soda, chocolate, among others.


Another very important factor is about oral hygiene and the products that can be used, always follow what was guided by your dentist.


How much does tooth whitening cost?

Many factors can influence when defining how much teeth whitening costs. It's critical that you talk to your dentist about the best option for taking care of your yellow teeth. That way, it's easier to resolve the situation and choose a treatment that fits in your pocket.

Don't forget: when wondering if teeth whitening is expensive, think about the cost-benefit that this procedure will bring to your life! Often, we are not talking about spending, but about investments. Keep an eye!


Choosing a dentist to whiten your teeth

Now that you know how much tooth whitening costs and what are the factors involved in that amount, be sure to look for a qualified professional to perform your procedure, ok? This care is essential for a safe and lasting result!

When choosing a dentist to take care of your smile, always remember to research and evaluate their recommendations beforehand. Be careful with very low value treatments or miraculous results in a few days.

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