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Dr. Natália Morales is a specialist in Endodontics, Implantology, Dental Prosthesis and 3d Dentistry and has been dedicated for 14 years to caring for patients with odontophobia. Reference in humanized care.

You've probably heard of health humanization, haven't you? Humanized delivery, humanized approach or even humanized dentistry. These are concepts that are becoming increasingly stronger in clinical practice in all areas of health. In 2003, the Ministry of Health launched the National Humanization Policy (PNH), with the aim of turning the eyes of health professionals to the patient as a human being and not focusing so much on techniques and diseases. Many studies corroborate that the humanized approach improves health and prevents diseases.

Humanization advocates welcoming. In a hypothetical situation, how would you feel if you arrived at your dentist's office and right away the parking valet was rude to you? On top of that, the receptionist is frowning, filing her nails, and doesn't even look at you when she asks you to wait for her appointment. To top it off, the dentist is late, doesn't notify or offer options to reschedule the appointment, just gives you a chair tea. When you are finally called, he doesn't even talk because he's in a hurry, asks you to sit down and open your mouth, counts two cavities and warns: "You have two cavities there, it costs so much, shall we do it?" It's like that doctor who doesn't even touch the patient, you know? It seems that there is a “disgust” of people.

The humanization approach is the ideal way to practice health, it is when you make the patient feel welcomed and, mainly, listen to their complaints. It is important to talk and explain about the forms of treatment, because we know that we can usually use different means to reach the final result and nothing fairer than the patient participating in the decisions.
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