Dental Crowns

Relying on CAD/CAM Technology, the patient's mouth is scanned and their crowns designed with 3D technology. Our dental crowns are made in our own laboratory, and in some cases it is possible to make them and place them permanently on the same day. Our ceramic crowns are made of porcelain-based material, having as main advantage the color, which resembles that of natural teeth and is highly resistant to wear.

Dental prosthetic crowns are used to replace a missing tooth or reinforce a weakened tooth. It is applied to the part of the tooth that is above the gum line.
The patient may need a dental crown in several situations, such as: broken tooth, tooth wear and little resistance of the remaining structure, missing tooth, need for a dental bridge, need to improve the appearance of the mouth, while end of a root canal treatment when there has been a major loss of tooth structure and the need to put a dental implant into function.
But what else we must take into consideration is the dexterity of the professional and the prosthetist so that the fit of this with the tooth is almost in line zero, preventing the entry of food and saliva between them, which compromises the useful life of the work over time.

At the Odontoliuzzi clinic, crowns are made in our own laboratory, 100% digital. So in some cases, we are able to scan the patient, make the crown and cement it on the same day.


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