Understand the difference between protocol prosthesis and implant

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Protocol prosthesis and dental implant are dental treatments that make it possible to replace natural teeth. Although the purpose is the same, both procedures are different.

Don't know what that difference is? No problem! Below, you can find this and other information you need to know about prosthetics and dental implants. Follow and find out!

What is a dental implant?

The dental implant is a post made of biocompatible material, usually titanium. It is placed in the patient's gum bone through a simple surgery.

Its purpose is to play the role of the natural tooth root. It is on this pin that the dental protocol prosthesis is placed after the period of osseointegration of the implant.

Protocol prosthesis: find out what it is

The dental protocol prosthesis is what replaces the patient's natural tooth. Its installation is on the implant, which offers greater stability to the prosthesis, especially in comparison to a classic denture.

With the prosthesis, the patient can chew correctly, smile again and communicate more easily. At the same time, there is a recovery in self-esteem.

An important detail: the dental protocol prosthesis is aimed at those who no longer have teeth in the arch. This is a modern, aesthetically beautiful solution, as well as being functional and comfortable for the patient.

The protocol prosthesis can be made of resin or ceramic. The difference between these materials is in durability (ceramic has a longer useful life) and price (resin is cheaper).

Protocol and implant prosthesis: what’s the difference?

The main difference is in the function of both. While the protocol dentistry prosthesis replaces natural teeth, the protocol dental implant takes on the role of the tooth root.

But the differences don't stop there! The implant is a titanium post, while the prosthesis is a piece of resin or ceramic. The implant is applied surgically and the prosthesis does not require surgery.

When should a prosthesis and dental implant be performed?

The procedures are indicated for patients who have lost natural teeth from the entire arch. They avoid the use of common dentures, offering a better result to the patient in the short and long term.

An important detail: there is also the possibility of having an implant and prosthesis to replace just one tooth. Always talk to a specialized dentist to define the best approach for your case.

Benefits of the implant and prosthesis protocol

These cosmetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation procedures provide special benefits. Below, we list the most representative ones for you to know:

Smile rehabilitation

With the implant and prosthesis, it is possible to restore a complete smile. The patient regains chewing function and has a better food tasting experience.

But that's not all: the patient has reduced pain when chewing and is able to pronounce certain sounds correctly. Furthermore, it restores your self-esteem, communicating with more security and confidence.

Absence of dietary restrictions

The use of protocol prosthesis and implants is better because there are no dietary restrictions. Therefore, the patient can eat any food without fear of breakage, as with traditional dentures.

Stability and comfort in use

Compared to conventional dentures, implant prostheses stand out. It is fixed, therefore, it has greater stability, without moving in the mouth. Therefore, it avoids embarrassing situations such as falling when chewing, smiling or talking.

Furthermore, using the prosthesis is much more comfortable than using dentures, with no risk of bruising to the cheek or gums. So much so that the patient's adaptation is usually faster.

Improvement of physiognomy

Aesthetic dental procedures improve the patient's physiognomy by regulating the height lost due to having no teeth. This further reinforces self-esteem, helping the patient to be happy with their own image.

Damage resistance and durability

Did you know that the protocol prosthesis is more resistant to damage than a conventional denture? That's why it lasts longer, making up for the investment.

With this alternative, you don't need to change it frequently, saving money and having practicality in caring for your smile. Therefore, it is the option with the best cost-benefit.

Are there contraindications to treatment?

The placement of implants and prostheses is contraindicated for those who are not in good oral health. It is also not recommended for those who have lost dental bone mass.

However, these problems can be reversed with appropriate treatment and the patient can perform the procedures normally. Ideally, you should check the viability with a specialist dentist.

Protocol prosthesis and implant in Rio de Janeiro

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Understand the difference between protocol prosthesis and implant

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