Resin veneers: what to expect over time?

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If you've come this far, it's because you're considering resin veneers to improve your smile and would like to understand more about this treatment, so be sure to read everything we wrote about this subject until the end.

We want you to have detailed information to make an informed decision. Let's talk about the characteristics of the resin and what to expect over time. 

Resin veneers and their aesthetic impact

Resin veneers are an excellent option for transforming your smile, being a durable and aesthetically attractive material. However, it is important to understand how the properties of the resin can negatively influence the aesthetic result over time, and require intense post-treatment care.


Durability and aesthetics

To the Resin Veneers Yes, they can be durable and maintain their aesthetic appearance for many years as long as they are maintained with adequate care. We have selected some of the utmost importance if that is what you want.


Maintenance and durability

Maintenance Frequency:

Resin veneers require more frequent maintenance compared to porcelain veneers, due to their lower resistance and propensity to wear over time. 

Darkening and Aesthetic Recovery:

Over time, resin veneers can darken and lose their initial aesthetics, requiring repairs and restorations by the dentist to maintain the desired appearance. 

Hygiene control and tartar accumulation

Compatibility Close to the Gum:

Resin veneers may not be as compatible as porcelain veneers near the gums, which makes hygiene management more challenging and increases susceptibility to tartar buildup. 

Need for More Frequent Cleaning:

Due to the propensity for tartar accumulation, it is necessary to carry out more frequent periodic cleanings to maintain oral health and the aesthetics of teeth. 

Unveiling the resin veneers

When considering between porcelain veneers and resin veneers to transform your smile, it is crucial to be aware of the specific drawbacks of each option. Resin veneers offer aesthetic benefits, but their long-term limitations must be carefully considered. 

Remember to discuss your expectations, lifestyle and individual needs transparently with a dentist.

This will help you make an informed and appropriate decision to achieve your desired smile safely and permanently. 

Resin veneers may require more wear on your teeth

It is essential to clarify the crucial point when considering the choice of resin veneers: the myth related to tooth wear.

Many patients believe that opting for resins will result in less dental wear, however, this perception does not always reflect reality.

Tooth wear is not directly associated with the specific veneer material, but rather with the greater need to prepare the tooth for the procedure.

In some cases, resin veneers may require greater preparation of the original tooth, resulting in additional wear to ensure a proper fit and durability of the procedure.


Tooth wear and positioning

Position Dependent Wear:

The wear for applying resin veneers can be similar or, in some cases, even greater than that for porcelain veneers, depending on the position and need for tooth preparation. As they have a less resistant structure, they require a greater thickness of material to guarantee a good result over time. 

Individual Considerations:

Each case is unique, and the amount of wear required is determined by the individual assessment of each patient during the initial consultation, taking into account the initial position of your teeth and what you are looking for as an end result.  

Consult a dentist in Rio de Janeiro

Resin veneers are an excellent option for improving your smile, but it is crucial that you are informed about their characteristics and realistic expectations regarding the aesthetic result over time. 

Remember, the choice between resin veneers or other treatments should be made based on your individual needs and after a detailed conversation with your dentist Rio de Janeiro. It is a serious mistake to choose them because they are cheaper or because you think they will have less wear and tear. 

We are here to clarify your doubts and guide you through this process, which is why we chose this topic that is so relevant to your decision. 


If you are considering resin veneers or any other treatment, the first step is to choose a team you trust and schedule your initial consultation. This way you will be able to understand the entire process, the differences between the materials and which one is best for you. 

We are committed to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams by providing clear information and personalized guidance. Contact us for a full assessment.


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Resin veneers: what to expect over time?

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