Painless dental implants are possible! know more

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The evolution of dentistry in recent decades has radically transformed procedures related to dental implants, making them practically painless and widely accessible. 

This transformation is the result of advances in anesthesia techniques, minimally invasive surgical methods and effective post-operative care. 

Odonto Liuzzi, a dental implant clinic, stands out in this scenario, offering personalized and humanized service, ensuring that each patient receives the best possible treatment.

How does the placement of dental implants work?

The realization of the dental implant It is a process that comprises several phases, starting with assessment and diagnosis. In this initial stage, the dental professional evaluates the patient's specific situation to determine whether it is possible to insert the implants.

During this evaluation, imaging tests, such as x-rays, may be requested to check for bone loss. If found, preliminary treatment, such as bone grafting, may be necessary.

The implant insertion phase then follows, a quick and painless surgical procedure, ensuring patient comfort throughout the process.

The implant dentistry specialist makes a small incision in the gum to expose the bone where the pin will be inserted. After the implant is placed, measures are taken to protect the area and suture it, reducing the risk of any complications.

After surgery, a period of time is generally required for osseointegration of the implant to occur, that is, the integration of the post into the bone. Once this phase is complete, the patient is ready to receive the prosthesis over the implant, thus completing the oral restoration.

How to have a dental implant without pain?

Advances in anesthesia

Modern anesthesia is one of the pillars that made advances in dental implant surgery possible. Current techniques allow procedures to be performed with minimal discomfort, making the dental implant experience more pleasant for the patient. 

More effective and long-acting anesthetics significantly reduce the sensation of pain during and after dental implant surgery. Furthermore, conscious sedation has proven to be a valuable option for anxious patients, providing a state of deep relaxation without loss of consciousness.

Minimally invasive methods

Modern dentistry favors minimally invasive approaches to dental implant placement. These techniques reduce surgical trauma, swelling and post-operative discomfort, facilitating a faster recovery. 

Digital planning of dental implants, for example, allows extraordinary precision in implant placement, minimizing the chances of complications and improving aesthetic and functional results.

Post-operative care

Post-operative care is essential for a smooth and successful recovery. Recommendations such as avoiding physical exertion in the first few days, maintaining good oral hygiene and following an adequate diet are essential.

The use of medications prescribed by the dentist, such as anti-inflammatories and analgesics, also contributes to a more comfortable post-operative period.

Tips for a smooth recovery

To ensure a smooth recovery, it is important to follow the dentist's instructions strictly. That includes:

  • Adequate rest: avoid activities that may cause impact or pressure on the implant area in the first few days.
  • Oral hygiene: maintain a careful oral hygiene routine, using the products recommended by your dentist in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Food: choose soft foods and avoid very hot or spicy foods that could irritate the surgical area.
  • Avoid tobacco: smoking can compromise the healing and success of the dental implant.

Dental implant clinic in Rio de Janeiro

Odonto Liuzzi stands out for its commitment to excellence and deeply personalized and humanized service. Each patient is treated uniquely, with treatment plans designed to meet their specific needs.

The team of highly qualified professionals uses the most advanced techniques and cutting-edge materials, guaranteeing exceptional aesthetic and functional results.

Additionally, the dental implant clinic is renowned for its patient-centered approach, creating a comfortable and welcoming experience from the initial consultation to post-operative follow-up. 

This philosophy of comprehensive care is reflected in the satisfaction and confidence of patients, who recognize Odonto Liuzzi as a reference in dental implant treatments in RJ.

Get to know OdontoLiuzzi

A OdontoLiuzzi stands out in the field of aesthetic dentistry, offering high quality services in dental implants performed by highly qualified dentists in Rio de Janeiro. With an advanced infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, we are the ideal choice for those seeking excellence in dental implants.

We invite you to schedule a consultation for diagnosis and planning, where you can find out the exact cost of the Rio de Janeiro dental implant. During this consultation, we will be happy to detail each phase of the treatment.

Remember to bring your most recent exam. If you don't have it, we make the process easier by allowing you to request it through our WhatsApp service. Don't miss the opportunity to schedule your evaluation with us!

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Painless dental implants are possible! know more

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