Orofacial Harmonization: Everything you need to know

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Orofacial harmonization: clear all your doubts about this aesthetic treatment

It is very likely that you have already seen in a magazine or gossip site that the actress or singer has had orofacial pairing. The procedure became the "darling" of celebrities and is quite high.
But, did you know that you can do orofacial pairing with a dentist? That's right! The Federal Council of Dentistry (CFO) authorizes this procedure to be performed in a dental office, provided that the professional meets certain prerequisites.

In order for you to know more about this aesthetic treatment, we have listed the main questions that people have on the subject and answered them. Check it out below!

What is orofacial harmonization?

Orofacial harmonization is an aesthetic procedure that makes people have a balance of the face, thus ensuring a better appearance. For this, several techniques are used, such as filling with toxins and dental corrections.

Before starting the procedure, the dentist makes a complete assessment of the structures of the face and dental arch of the patients. The professional also listens to those who seek the service, in order to be able to understand what needs to be improved and provide a more personalized service.

Orofacial harmonization can also be done to correct procedures that were done many years ago and lost their effect, causing an aged expression.

How is the orofacial harmonization procedure performed?

The first step in performing an orofacial harmonization is preparing the patient. He must undergo a careful evaluation, where photographs and radiological examinations of his face are produced, for later comparison.

From the evaluation of these structures, the dentist will be able to define, together with the patient, which are the best treatments that can be carried out in their case.

Can any dentist do orofacial pairing?

Many people have doubts about choosing a professional to perform an orofacial pairing. This concern is quite relevant, considering that not all dentists can offer this service.

According to the CFO Resolution 198/2019, which recognizes orofacial harmonization as a dental specialty, to provide this service, the professional must prove that he has taken specialization courses in the area.

The legislation also requires that orofacial harmonization courses taken by the dentist be recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC).

There is also the possibility of dentists specializing in oral and maxillofacial perform orofacial harmonization on their patients, as long as they prove at least five years of experience in this area.

Therefore, before carrying out such a procedure, make sure that the professional you have chosen meets all these requirements.

What procedures can be performed in a dental office?


The purpose of this procedure is to remove the fat known as Bichat and which can be found on the cheeks.

The result of the treatment is to refine the face and make the smile and face more harmonious.

This is a surgical procedure that may involve some types of risk to the patient, therefore, it is necessary to have a careful evaluation carried out by a dentist.

application of toxins

The toxin is widely used to correct small asymmetries, such as eyebrow elevation, and it also helps in facial rejuvenation by preventing the contracture of the facial muscle.

This substance can be used to solve oral and/or masticatory problems such as:

  • Bruxism, where the toxin helps patients who suffer from clenching or grinding their teeth during.
  • Treatment of orofacial pain and temporomandibular joint dysfunction problems - TMJ.
  • Gengival Smile, where it can be a complementary or substitutive technique for periodontal plastic surgeries, which reduce the gum that covers the crown of the teeth.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Acid is used for facial filling which is naturally produced by our body and over time, hyaluronic acid degrades.

With this, the organism decreases its production capacity, along with collagen fibers, and the skin becomes less hydrated.

All this contributes to the loss of volume, contour, appearance of wrinkles, furrows and depression in the skin.

And their indications are:

  • Fine wrinkles on the face;
  • Presence of facial furrows such as the well-known “Chinese mustache“;
  • Lip filling;
  • Perioral wrinkles: these are the “barcode wrinkles” that appear in the lip region;
  • Scar correction;
  • Malar filling: it is the correction and remodeling of the cheekbone;
  • nose bioplasty;
  • Filler for dark circles;
  • Papacy Lipoenzyme.

The "jowls" is one of the great villains of appearance and this accumulation of fat under the chin and the loss of mandibular contour generates dissatisfaction among many patients.

That's where deoxycholic acid comes in, a chemical that helps absorb the fat produced by the body.

With this, it acts by reducing excess fat located below the chin, known as "jowls", being a minimally invasive treatment alternative.

MD Codes

MD Codes is an orofacial harmonization planning protocol that encompasses the filling and volume of the face, aiming to achieve more lasting, natural and safe results in dental procedures.

In this treatment, the professional aims at rejuvenating the face in a natural way, through the application of hyaluronic acid at strategic points.

Check below other orofacial harmonization procedures that are performed at Odonto Liuzzi:

  • gingival plastic;
  • lifting;
  • microneedling;
  • restorations;
  • tooth whitening;
  • dental implants;
  • lip filling;
  • malar filling;
  • filling of chin;
  • facial support wires;
  • dark circles filling;
  • jowl enzymatic lipo;
  • jaw filling;
  • enzymatic reduction of jowls;
  • filling of the nasolabial fold;
  • filling of the nasolabial fold;
  • application of dental contact lenses;
  • filling in marionette lines;
  • application of collagen-inducing biomaterials;
  • facial filling to give volume and contour;
  • between others.

What are the advantages of doing an orofacial pairing?

Orofacial harmonization is not a treatment that should be done just because it is in fashion and many artists are adhering to it.

When performing the procedure, you need to understand the benefits it will bring you, so that you will have a better quality of life. See below some of these advantages!

Increased self-esteem

By having a completely harmonic face, you will feel more beautiful and confident. After all, your main business card will be renewed.

Increased self-esteem is important for you to have more confidence at work, in love relationships and even to feel good about yourself.

Reduction of signs of aging

It's no use, we all want to escape age and appear younger. For this, orofacial harmonization also contributes.

The procedures reduce the signs of aging on the face, such as wrinkles. These results are noticeable even in elderly people, who already have a well wrinkled face.

Ease of implementation

Facial harmonization is not an invasive procedure that requires hospital admission, for example. Everything can be done in the dentist's office, without having to face a surgical table, for example.

After doing the procedure, recovery is also simple. Although it is a little swollen in the first few days, the patient does not need to stay away from activities such as work and studies.

In addition to the aesthetic benefits, we can highlight numerous functional advantages, such as:

  • Chewing repair;
  • Decrease headaches and jaw joint pain;
  • Stimulate breathing through the nose;
  • Correct the bite and the position of the teeth;
  • Increase the success of implant placement
  • Decrease headaches and jaw joint pain;
  • Improve facial proportions;
  • Balance between smile and face;
  • More balanced facial contours;

Orofacial harmonization is a procedure that aims to achieve harmony and reestablishment of the patient's oral, masticatory and respiratory functions.

And its benefits are, among others, bone remodeling, correction of facial muscles and breathing correction, dental and functional harmony in addition to facial rejuvenation.

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Orofacial Harmonization: Everything you need to know

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