Orthodontic device: 7 tips on how to relieve pain after maintenance

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Pain after maintenance of the orthodontic device bothers many people, can interfere with mood and even make it difficult to eat. But the good news is that there are ways to get around this little problem and make your treatment much more comfortable.

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Why is it common to feel pain after maintaining the orthodontic device?

Aching tooth after maintenance can last from 3 to 5 days. This is because the function of treatment with orthodontic braces or self-ligating braces is precisely to change the shape of the dental arch.

The teeth are pressed into the bone. This is where the movement will take place. This tightening generates inflammation, which is why pain arises with activations of the fixed device. But after a few days, the patient already gets used to it and ceases to feel it.

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Does everyone always feel pain after maintenance of the orthodontic device?

Well, the answer is: no. Do you know why? First, because pain is a subjective sensation. Second, because it depends on each person's own genetics and body. Some of us have a different brain arrangement and, with it, greater sensitivity.

The third reason has to do with the technique used by the dentist. There are more advanced technologies, such as the nickel-titanium wire, which provides the same effect, but with a smaller and more constant force. The movement of the teeth is continuous, during the whole month, but the patient feels less pain. That way, you get faster and less sore treatment!

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How to relieve toothache after maintenance of fixed braces?

Enduring a sore mouth is boring, isn't it? So check out the tips for dealing with pain after device maintenance!

1. Consume cold foods

Here at OdontoLiuzzi we use a wire thermo-activation technique. This means that the colder it is, the more malleable the device becomes. So, we suggest that patients, in the first few days, drink ice water, ice cream or açaí if they feel a lot of pressure.

That way, with the ice cream, the pressure softens a little. Then, with the normal temperature of the mouth, it returns to the initial pressure.

2. Use dentist-recommended pain reliever

The rule is: medicine for toothache after maintenance of the device only with the prescription of the professional, agreed? It is important to avoid anti-inflammatories, as they can alter movement.

In more extreme cases, the patient can take an analgesic recommended by the dentist on the first day after maintenance. But this is getting more and more rare now with new technologies.

3. Eat softer meals in the first few days

Another solution is to give preference to more pasty foods, as this way you don't have to force your jaw. When eating something harder, you can feel the feeling as if it hammered your teeth, so it's cool to opt for pasta or other foods that don't require chewing so much in those first two days after activation.

4. Carry out a smooth brushing

Believe me: as much as it is sore, cleaning your teeth well makes a difference, in addition to preventing cavities. So, start using the proper floss. Opting for a toothbrush and paste for sensitive teeth can also improve discomfort. Also, do a smooth brushing, including so you don't hurt your gum.

5. Use dental wax

Sometimes, the pain is not exactly in the tooth, but in the gum that is injured by the brackets. If this happens, one solution is to use dental wax. Most of the time, the dentist delivers a small piece of material for the patient to use throughout the month, if needed.

6. Prefer the most modern techniques

With modern technologies and the evolution of orthodontic appliances, why still opt for old methodologies? Prefer clinics and professionals that use first-class materials, since, in addition to having the best evidence for your treatment, they also provide more comfort.

7. Talk to your dentist

The professional is responsible for a complete and quality treatment, which also involves giving the right direction even after the service. He even checks if the pain after maintenance of the device is related to this or if it could be another problem.

How to choose a good clinic to do the maintenance?

So far you can tell that not all dentists and clinics work the same way, right? Check out how to choose the right clinic for the maintenance of the device!

Research references and reputation

The internet is an open world for you to find out if a certain establishment has a good reputation. So research the clinic and visit your social media. An interesting idea is to take a look at the Reclame Aqui website which, in addition to containing customer complaints, also points out some alternatives according to the service provided.

Evaluate the cost-benefit

Does the clinic facilitate payment? Paying attention to this is important, as it prevents you from getting stuck and, after all, experiencing difficulties in continuing the treatment. Assess whether there is financial support and whether the values are within your reality.

Pay attention to service

Did you know that a humanized service reveals other characteristics of the clinic? This says about quality and how much the professional cares about meeting the patient's needs. This attention is even more special if you have any insecurity or fear of the dentist. A good professional will listen to what you fear and help you deal with the treatment in the best way.

Check the materials used

Just to emphasize what we have already mentioned, check if the dental clinic uses modern equipment that will help you feel less pain. This is a way of valuing the patient and investing in successful treatment. After all, aesthetics are important, but so is your well-being, right?

You deserve to conquer a beautiful smile. Orthodontic treatment is a good way to go, but it doesn't have to be painful. Therefore, pain after maintenance of the device, in addition to having a solution, can be avoided.

Here in OdontoLiuzzi, we bring a new concept in dentistry, combining comfort, technology, advanced techniques and a qualified team, offering customers excellence in dental treatments.

What are you waiting for to guarantee your new smile?

Did you have any questions about what you do to relieve pain after maintenance of the orthodontic device? Then schedule an appointment with OdontoLiuzzi! Around here, you will find highly qualified professionals ready to help you smile again. We are available!

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Orthodontic device: 7 tips on how to relieve pain after maintenance

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