When a fixed partial denture is the solution: understand more about the treatment

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When a fixed partial denture is the solution: understand more about the treatment

People can lose their teeth due to different situations, such as trauma, aging, accidents, among others. Thus, it is valid to have an important solution, the partial fixed dental prosthesis. This avoids problems with self-esteem, contributes to oral health and to the performance of the masticatory process.

In this sense, it is necessary to emphasize that the prosthesis is one of the most used methods, since it manages to guarantee a better quality of life. For the most efficient treatment to be carried out, it is essential to have a specialist so that the procedure is carried out correctly and has a good result. Continue reading and learn more about it!

What is a fixed partial denture and how does it work?

The fixed partial denture consists of a structure used for the rehabilitation of spaces without teeth that are not long. It is inserted over adjacent healthy teeth, which need to be ground down to receive the prosthesis.

Therefore, it is a total or partial restoration of the crown of the tooth. Several patients need to undergo a canal treatment, with this, the teeth become more fragile because of the loss of tooth structure.

The intracanal pin inserted by the professional during the treatment is inside the root of the teeth and serves to offer more support to the prosthetic part. Thus, when the prosthesis is fixed, the patient is able to speak, smile and chew normally. The prosthesis is considered fixed, as it cannot be removed.

When is fixed partial denture a solution?

Fixed dentures are an important solution for individuals who have lost one or more teeth. It should be noted that it is only not indicated for people who have periodontal diseases and a fragile bone structure. But when seeking specialized dental treatment, the problem can be solved.

Know that the following situations can lead to the loss of a tooth and the need for a prosthesis:

  • poor brushing;
  • accumulation of bacterial plaque;
  • evolution of caries;
  • gum disease;
  • traumas.

What are the benefits of fixed partial dentures?

There are several reasons for using fixed partial dentures, since a missing tooth can considerably affect quality of life and smile aesthetics. Next, see the main benefits of using the framework!


One of the greatest advantages of using fixed partial dental prosthesis is the improvement in the aesthetics of the teeth. She is able to offer the patient oral beauty, as the teeth will be in the correct position.


With the mobile fixed prosthesis, the person feels safer to talk, smile and chew. That way, you won't have to keep putting your hand in your mouth to hide a missing tooth. Still, with the prosthesis, there is no reason to be afraid to leave the house to carry out activities.


It is worth mentioning, regarding the comfort provided by the prosthesis, in addition to recovering the spirit, it allows the masticatory process to be carried out without pain. Thus, your gum is protected and you can eat more consistent food.

Therefore, partial fixed dental prosthesis is an important solution for oral health. But to carry out the treatment efficiently and without major adversities, it is necessary to have a specialized clinic, such as Odonto Liuzzi. That's because we have the best professionals in the market. When inserting a prosthesis, it is essential to follow the recommendations related to maintenance, such as good brushing, flossing, food consumption, etc.


At the end of this article, we hope to have clarified your doubts about when a fixed partial denture is the solution for your case and how it can improve your quality of life and self-esteem.

It is important to remember that each case is unique and should be evaluated by a professional specializing in dental prosthesis.

So, if you need treatment to improve your smile, schedule an appointment at the Odonto Liuzzi clinic and trust our team of experts to take care of your smile.

After all, a beautiful and healthy smile is essential for a happy and fulfilling life. Take care of your oral health and smile with confidence!

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