Everything you need to know about in-office teeth whitening

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In-office teeth whitening is one of the perfect procedures to have a beautiful, bright smile, free from yellow tones. It delivers incredible results in just a few sessions, making it worth the investment.

Do you want to have in-office teeth whitening? So, it's important to know all the details about the procedure! Here, you discover everything you need to know. Continue reading and understand the treatment once and for all!

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What is in-office teeth whitening?

O in-office teeth whitening It is a cosmetic dentistry treatment. As its name suggests, its purpose is to whiten the patient's natural teeth, removing the yellowish color that develops and accumulates over time.

All treatment is carried out in the office, under the supervision of the dentist. Therefore, it is possible to use whitening active ingredients in high concentrations, as well as lasers, which helps to accelerate results. Therefore, significant whitening is guaranteed in just a few sessions.

With the procedure, it is possible to have a bright smile, which contributes positively to the patient's self-esteem. This way, you can feel much more comfortable smiling, making good impressions in personal and professional relationships.

When to undergo treatment?

Many patients are unsure whether teeth whitening is right for them. In general, the procedure is perfect for those who want to soften the yellow tone of their teeth or remove any stains.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that not every stain can be eliminated this way. To find out if the procedure is ideal for your case, consult a dentist.

Another important detail is that each patient reaches a maximum level of whitening. Interestingly, this level depends on genetic factors, so it varies from person to person.

This is why some patients achieve a greater degree of whitening, while others achieve a lesser degree. But there is always a significant whitening, brightening the smile and helping to regain your self-esteem.

In-office teeth whitening: find out how it works

In-office teeth whitening is simple, done in just a few steps. The dentist applies a product to isolate and prevent damage to the gums, protecting them during the process.

Then, apply a whitening gel to the patient's teeth (carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) and wait for it to take effect. The product reacts, releasing oxygen and other byproducts into the tooth.

This oxygen breaks down pigment molecules, resulting in the gradual whitening of natural teeth. The dentist can speed up this process by applying a laser to the whitening gel. It's the famous laser teeth whitening!

After this process, the dentist removes the whitening gel and gum protection product. It is common for the patient to feel greater sensitivity after the session, a side effect that passes after a few minutes or a few hours.

One of the differences between in-office teeth whitening is that you can see results in just one session. Typically, three to four sessions are performed to achieve maximum results, but this number may vary between patients.

Sessions last 40 to 50 minutes and are generally recommended to be done with a minimum break of one week between them. This way, damage to the tooth pulp is avoided.

Are there any contraindications to the procedure?

There are contraindications to tooth whitening, such as if the patient is allergic to one of the products used in the procedure. In this case, it is recommended to resort to other treatments that can change the color of the teeth, such as the use of dental veneers or dental contact lenses.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you only whiten if you are in good oral health, with no tartar, lesions or gum disease. If you have these problems, prior treatment is recommended and then you can whiten your teeth in the office.

The list of contraindications also includes pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding, children and patients undergoing treatment for oral cancer.

What precautions should you take after in-office teeth whitening?

In-office teeth whitening has a very calm and simple powder. It is recommended that the patient continues with oral hygiene care to avoid new pigmentation due to food.

Brushing prevents pigments from food and drinks from accumulating on the tooth, which can lead to rapid yellowing. Therefore, it is important to always do it after meals.

Another precaution you should take is to give up cigarettes, if you smoke, because tobacco quickly darkens your teeth. Furthermore, it increases the risk of serious illnesses, such as cancer. At the same time, it delays tissue healing time if there is any injury in the mouth.

How long does tooth whitening result last?

The results of the procedure are usually incredible, but they don't last forever. Even if you take all the care recommended by your dentist, your teeth may start to yellow again over time.

And how long does teeth whitening last? It depends on the patient adopting all the care recommended by the dentist. In general, it is normally recommended that you have a touch-up every two years to maintain the results obtained from the treatment.

In-office teeth whitening vs. over-the-counter products

You've probably seen over-the-counter products that promise to whiten your teeth in just a few days or weeks. Among them, whitening strips and toothpastes.

However, don't be fooled: these products are not as effective and safe as teeth whitening. Furthermore, they present a high risk of wearing down natural teeth, as they are very abrasive.

Therefore, whenever you want to whiten your teeth, do it safely, in an office and under the guidance of a dentist. This way, you will preserve your oral health.

Teeth whitening in Rio de Janeiro

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Everything you need to know about in-office teeth whitening

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