What is the difference between aligners and braces?

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Orthodontics has evolved a lot in recent years and the great innovation in this segment of dentistry has undoubtedly been the creation of transparent orthodontic aligners.

Regarding the functional and aesthetic results, both do not present differences.

What differentiates braces and aligners is the structure and time of use. The appliances are usually fixed, but there are also some mobile models. In the case of aligners, they are always mobile, cover the teeth completely and are transparent. Aligner treatments still tend to be faster and more comfortable treatment.

As for maintenance, the fixed has a monthly maintenance or every 45 days, the aligner, you can receive the plates all at once or go monthly to receive, depending on whether or not there is a need for monthly monitoring.

What is the price difference between aligners and braces?

Generally, metal braces are the cheapest, followed by aesthetic and self-ligating braces. With the technology involved, the aligners have a slightly higher initial price, however, if the treatment with the device lasts longer than 1 year and a half, considering the maintenance cost, the aligner may end up having a cheaper final price. , in addition to the treatment being much faster.

What type of treatment is each indicated for?

You braces and aligners are used in a very similar way. The restriction on the use of aligners is only in the rarest and most complex cases.

Both devices fix simple and complex problems. What can vary is the degree of difficulty of the movements and the time it will take to achieve the desired results. All this is calculated by the orthodontist to define what is best for the patient.

In any case, braces and aligners make corrections in cases of:

  • dental misalignments;
  • bite changes;
  • gaps between teeth;
  • dental crowding;
  • teeth with turns, among others.

It is possible to use both to perform preventive orthodontics, and both are used in the containment orthodontics, to prevent problems that have already been corrected from returning. But containment can also be done with mobile devices.

How do I know which option is best for me?

The patient should seek an orthodontist to assess the characteristics of his case and define which device is the best.

Knowing the characteristics of braces and aligners, and with the support of a good dentist, you will choose the ideal device and perform an effective treatment. Thus, you will be able to achieve excellent aesthetic and functional results to make your smile perfect.

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