Conscious Sedation: The best solution for you afraid of the dentist!

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Dr. Natália Morales is a specialist in Endodontics, Implantology, Dental Prosthesis and 3d Dentistry and has been dedicated for 14 years to caring for patients with odontophobia. Reference in humanized care.
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How can Conscious Sedation help me lose my fear of the dentist? 

  • Conscious sedation is an ideal treatment for people with a fear of the dentist.. This treatment will help you as it allows the patient to be completely relaxed during the procedure, which means that they will not feel any discomfort, nor will they mind what is being done, as they are not in full awareness. In addition, conscious sedation can also help reduce the time required to perform the procedure, because you won't need to take breaks to recover. It was everything you needed, right? I understand you, and that's why I've separated throughout this text much more on this subject for you who live thinking you'll never be able to go to the dentist again!
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Conscious sedation is NOT general anesthesia. Do you know the difference? 

  • Conscious sedation is not general anesthesia. It is a procedure that induces a person to a state of partial consciousness, without affecting the ability to breathe and respond to stimuli or verbal commands, unlike general anesthesia which induces a complete state of unconsciousness. In conscious sedation the patient will not be able to feel pain or remember what happened during the procedure. Although they are partially conscious, you can wake up if you need to, and communicate when you need to.
  • This occurs because any of the three types of sedation induces a partial state of drowsiness, but they differ in terms of the level of drowsiness. Conscious sedation has been increasingly used in surgeries and more invasive procedures or even by those who do not have odontophobia, as it works as a powerful muscle relaxant, in addition to making your time pass differently from that of the professional, that is to say that in a treatment that takes two hours, you wake up with the feeling that only 10 minutes have passed, in addition to having the feeling of leaving a beautiful massage! isn't it amazing?

 The important thing is that you understand that it is not a general anesthesia and therefore you will not be unconscious, and you can safely perform it in treatments in dentistry. Isn't it amazing? 

Is it possible to take General Anesthesia at the Dentist

Yes, what wonderful news isn't it? But Calm down, there are some important general anesthesia information you should know 

  • General anesthesia will leave you totally unconscious, numb and immobile during the procedure, and therefore requires specialized monitoring. This technique requires a multidisciplinary team that includes an anesthetist, nursing assistant and surgical technicians and, therefore, must be performed in a hospital environment. This makes some patients feel even more anxious, as the fear of dentists also originates from bad experiences with doctors, needles, or hospital smells, as we have already explained in the article. Fear of the dentist has a name: Odontophobia.

 More invasive procedures such as Orthognathic Surgery and that require complete control of the patient by the dentist, it becomes a wonderful solution. 

Want to know more about this subject? Click here. We separate for you more articles on sedation and general anesthesia 

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